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‘The Fifth Goal 1998-2003: Transcendental Graffiti Zine’ explores railroad graffiti art, late young author’s spiritual journey

carry my message. carry my hope. carry its meaning. carry it home. carry my depression. carry disconnection. take this suspension. carry the clone. hop in my step. camera in my bag. calm in my soul. pen in my hand. ‘Pen In My Hand’ – Parallax song from the demo ‘Landlocked,’ lyrics by Blake Donner (c. … [Read More...]

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annex by epic mussels

The Annex By Epic where Epic beer meets epic food

During the last couple of decades, humble pub grub has undergone a makeover worthy of something you’d spot on Bravo and immediately lose three IQ points over. Marketing departments the world over have coyly convinced us to hand more and more cash, because now, well, this is a brewpub and this is a dramatically superior […]

PetDance Film Festival

PetDance Film Festival on January 24

  While it might not be an entire day of cat videos like I was hoping, PetDance Film Festival looks like a purrfect way to spend a Saturday. The folks at Pets in the City Magazine, a local weekly paper dedicated to pets, decided to claw on the coattails of Sundance Film Festival with their own petcentric […]

The Pearl Fishers at Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City.

Utah Opera’s The Pearl Fishers

Utah Opera is back with its second production of the season: The Pearl Fishers, a tale of friendship, forbidden love and sacrifice. The rarely performed opera was written by George Bizet (better known for Carmen) in 1863 and received such harsh criticism that it was not revived in the composer’s lifetime after the initial production […]

DR WHO Xperience fanx 2015

FanX: Doctor Who Ultimate Experience

Whovians, get ready. (Insert TARDIS sound here) Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX is bringing the Bad Wolf, The Girl Who Waited and the 11th Doctor to Salt Lake City on Friday, January 30, 2015 (insert jokes about the TARDIS becoming crowded).  This special panel at FanX is $15 for General Admission, $40 for Deluxe Admission and […]

Madeleine Choir School choristers at Assisi Basilica. (Photo by Butch Adams.)

Nova Chamber Music Series’ new year concert contemplates the beyond

Resolutions in the New Year are as difficult to keep as they are to make in realistic terms. However, how should we respond to the invitation for spiritual renewal and contemplation? Music becomes an ideal platform, as evidenced in the forthcoming program of the Nova Chamber Music Series aptly titled ‘Contemplation of the Beyond.’ With […]