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A timeless tale: Fiddler on the Roof

Since the musical first graced the Broadway stage in 1964, “Fiddler on the Roof” has proven to be a classic with a timeless message. For the past thirty years, the story of Tevye, the humble dairyman and father of five daughters has resonated with audiences as each generation struggles with keeping traditions in an ever-changing […]

wines of Languedoc and Roussillon

Wasatch Academy of Wine’s French Wine Scholar program: Part Eight, Languedoc Roussillon

Technically, Languedoc and Roussillon are in fact two distinct regions with separate historical and cultural backgrounds. However, in 1972 they were joined administratively and together comprise the largest winemaking region in southern France and share the same grape varieties. The area is more frequently referred to as “Languedoc Roussillon”. The limestone soils of Languedoc are […]

Latoya Rhodes and Carleton Bluford in 'A/Version of Events' by Matthew Ivan Bennett, Plan-B Theatre. (Photo by Rick Pollock)

Magnificent, searing performances carry Plan-B Theatre’s outstanding premiere of ‘A/Version of Events’

From several notable vantages, there has been a great infusion of artistic energy in the blossoming Utah Enlightenment, a creative movement that demands courage in the making of art. And, especially in Utah’s peculiar environment that gives civility, docility and adherence to faith much higher value than often deserved, courage becomes critical in ensuring the […]

Carleton Bluford and Latoya Rhodes, 'A/Version of Events,' by Matthew Ivan Bennett. (Photo by Rick Pollock)

Grief, love, marriage will pack emotional punches in Plan-B Theatre’s ‘A/Version of Events’

“The problem was that the disasters showed all the signs of arousal—of being in fight-or-flight mode—in their relationships. Having a conversation sitting next to their spouse was, to their bodies, like facing off with a saber-toothed tiger.” —Emily Esfahani Smith, June, 12, 2014, The Atlantic In Matthew Ivan Bennett’s newest play ‘A/Version of Events,’ the married […]