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the ghost of Rio Grande

Grimm Ghost Tours: Welcome to Haunted Salt Lake

October is the ideal time to indulge in ghoulish activities. Salt Lake City’s history is ripe with intrigue and mystery. A haunted tour of the city is just what I needed to scratch my supernatural itch. Grimm Ghost Tours offers a few different ghostly experiences, I selected the Old Town tour, which covers … [Read More...]

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saffron in Utah

What’s Growing: Saffron in Salt Lake City

Saffron (C. Sativus) is a fall-blooming crocus that is both beautiful and useful. It shares a long and storied history that spans more than 3,500 years, multiple religions, trade routes and a value often as high gold or even more. In fact, a small tin of saffron sells on Amazon.com for $12.50 for 2 grams. That […]


Restaurant Profile: Handle

[Handle's House Burger with fries (salad also available). Photo by: Billy Yang] Park City has never suffered from a lack of restaurants. But as it happens with many resort towns the world over, it always did suffer from a lack of good ones that didn’t cost an arm and a leg for a hungry soul […]

woman goes for a swim in a swimming hole surrounded by red rock

Getting Lost in the Grand Gulch

“Let’s skip town, take a couple of days off work, and explore Blanding, Utah!” said no one, ever. That’s a slight exaggeration; my friend Elaine and I did see three people in three days on Grand Gulch primitive area trails near Blanding the first weekend in October. I’m not sure I would have ever explored […]

John and Casee Francis

A Visit With Amour Spreads

“We sold out of our elderberry marmalade yesterday, so we need to go find some berries to make more marmalade” said the message from Casee Francis, one half of the Amour Spreads duo. Casee and John Francis don’t freeze fruit once picked, so when they’re out, it’s time to look for some more in the […]