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Rainy? Muddy? Nope. Hero Conditions!

Rainy Days in Park City? Plenty To Do!

“With the recent rain, please stay off the trails the next few days to give them a chance to dry out. Riding muddy trails ruins them, don’t be a jerk!” That was the Facebook post from one of the local ‘trail police’ groups. Yes, riding muddy trails ruins them, but I’m thinking they can’t be […]

Composer Troy Lennerd

Utah composer Troy Lennerd’s music proves fruitful in global ways

Just a quick glance of Troy Lennerd’s music output reveals a 21st century composer who sees audiences and music listeners not as a sign of artistic weakness, of surrendering to temptations of commercialization but as a worthwhile instrument for making accessible music that is as significant as any abstract avant-garde exploration of new sounds. The […]

Blackhawk Trail Trailhead

Mountain Biking Utah County’s Blackhawk Loop

“Do you think those are God’s tears?” One of my riding partners just ahead of me on the Blackhawk Trail is asking rhetorically. “Nah, must be Joseph Smith’s,” came the reply to group laughter. We’re only eight miles into a bike ride none of us have done, the Blackhawk Trail, in Utah County as it […]

various horse skeletons

Celebrating: The Horse

The Natural History Museum of Utah’s newest exhibit, The Horse, will be galloping around the University of Utah foothills through January 4, 2015. The exhibit is meant to explore the enduring bond between humans and horses across cultures and throughout time, with much of it on loan from the American Museum of Natural History in […]

Lifelong Learning fall catalog

Do more with Lifelong Learning

It’s still August but you can feel fall in the air. Usually it’s in the morning when the lows have moved into the 60s and there seems to actually be dew on the grass. Though, in this dry climate it’s probably just unevaporated moisture from the night-running sprinklers. This change in seasons means one thing; […]

The Rose Exposed

Making new art, supporting community in the ‘Rose Exposed: Home’

For six enterprising small performing arts companies, the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in downtown Salt Lake City is more than a residence for their creative work. It is the home for experimentation in humanity. It is the place for creating and performing new works of art. As Daniel Siepmann wrote recently at NewMusicBox, “Newness […]

2014 Tour of Utah

2014 Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah

  The sounds of Dutch, Italian, Slovakian and Colombian accents were prevalent this past week throughout Utah thanks to the arrival of this year’s edition of the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah. This year the Tour of Utah celebrated its 10th anniversary, and was bigger and better than ever. What started as a small […]

nielsen logo

Shaping a nation, and failing

Just a couple of weeks ago it arrived. A seemingly innocuous 12 by 9 inch cardboard packet, cheerfully plastered in sunny yellow. Emblazoned on the front–Nielsen. Yep, our fair family had been given the task of documenting our TV watching. If you’re unaware of Nielsen–the company has been running analysis of US TV viewing habits […]