Inaugural Queer Spectra Arts Festival explores multiple facets of queer aesthetic

Setting an appropriate tone in a community gearing up for the upcoming Utah Pride Parade and Festival in downtown Salt Lake City, the inaugural Queer Spectra Arts Festival took place last weekend in the Commonwealth Studios in South Salt Lake. Artists and speakers addressed the impetus and inspirations for the queer creative aesthetic – or, … Read more

Inaugural Dance West festival, workshops unite 3 pillars of Utah dance culture: Repertory Dance Theatre, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, University of Utah’s Salt Dance Fest

As a compelling testimony to the impact of three immensely successful artistic institutions coming together in the heart of Utah’s dance culture, the inaugural Dance West Summer Fest – hosted by Repertory Dance Theatre, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company and The University of Utah’s Salt Dance Fest – is poised to become the destination event in the … Read more

A powerhouse collaboration, Lost Love Socialite Sweet Love Recluse premieres as postmodern soap opera; rendered as intriguing, ingenious dance theater

As one distills the pastiche and collage in the recent premiere of Lost Love Socialite Sweet Love Recluse, a powerhouse local dance theater collaboration, there are many intriguing elements in this postmodern soap opera to appreciate. In a broad sense, one is reminded by the classic line in the 1951 novel Requiem for a Nun by … Read more

Two spring premieres: PYGmalion Theatre Company’s Sweetheart Come by Melissa Leilani Larson; Efren Corado’s Dust. Breath. Place. for RDT Link

PYGMALION THEATRE COMPANY: SWEETHEART COME One of the most extraordinary renderings of Emma Hauck’s story came in 2000 with In Absentia, a 19-minute film made by Stephen and Timothy Quay. The BBC commissioned the short film as part of a series matching filmmakers with music selected by BBC producers. The Quay Brothers already had chosen … Read more

Efren Corado’s Dust. Breath. Place., an artistic reflection on immigration, set to premiere in Repertory Dance Theatre’s Link Series

The five dancers who will perform Dust. Breath. Place., a new work by choreographer Efren Corado, have transported themselves to a different world in the rehearsals leading up to the forthcoming premiere in three performances (May 2-4), as part of Repertory Dance Theatre’s Link Series (RDT). Observing Easter morning rehearsal was spiritually uplifting. Eleven days … Read more

Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company’s Bloom concert closes with a magnificent choreographic bouquet

Many florists and horticulturists associate metaphorical themes with flowers and plants. Indeed, in every spring bloom, there is a unique significance: friendship, perseverance, patience, enthusiasm, honesty, unconditional love and affection, rebirth, dignity, strength of character, trust, just to name a few. Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company delivered all of these blooms in a magnificent bouquet in its … Read more

Repertory Dance Theatre’s Voices concert caps unforgettable expression of diversity, inclusion in 53rd season

Repertory Dance Theatre’s (RDT) Voices concert capped an unforgettable expression of diversity and inclusion for its 53rd season. However, before delving into the specifics of the rich, subtly emotional dynamics of the Voices performances, a broader context is essential. The theme of Manifest Diversity came full circle with Voices. In the season’s first concert last … Read more

Transitions, thresholds, nostalgia, liminal spaces define Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company’s upcoming spring concert Bloom

To close its 55th season, the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company’s upcoming Bloom concert will offer two world premieres and a performance of a 2011 work from its repertoire – astutely timed for this particular phase of the spring season. Each work explores the themes of transitions and nostalgia as rites of passage leading to a blossoming … Read more

Historic, contemporary expressions of the community of dance set for Repertory Dance Theatre’s season closing concert Voices

Voices, perhaps the most apt conclusion to Repertory Dance Theatre’s (RDT) superlative Manifest Diversity season, will be a celebration of community as represented by the synthesizing of each individual’s movement to transform the body (or company) of dancers metaphorically into a creative organism attuned emotionally to support each other through the unique strengths of their … Read more

Repertory Dance Theatre to present Danielle Agami’s solo work Framed in special performance

Among the healthiest and most encouraging developments in the performing arts world is how artists consciously draw themselves closer to their audiences. It’s a development that emancipates the artist from the cult of perfectionism and mysticism, where candid expressions about doubts and uncertainties in taking creative risks are welcomed. Likewise, audiences begin to see the … Read more