Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company’s ‘the live creature and ethereal things’ concert is rarefied collaboration of joy with Red Fred Project, Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory

Artistic collaborations lead to many strategic benefits. They can make a lesser known creative group more visible, expand the potential audience base, secure additional financial resources and fine-tune longer term objectives for organizations that must prove their relevance in a community. Most importantly, they can lead to a unique performing and creative moment on the … Read more

Earthbound theme set for Jan. 20 concert of NOVA Chamber Music Series

Choreographer Natalie Desch says the experience of setting movement for a duet of dancers to Gity Razaz’s Chance Has Spoken emulates perfectly the mysterious yet clear-directed nature of the young Iranian-American composer’s music for string quartet and vibraphone. “It is a very haunting piece with beautiful lyricism and movement sensibility,” Desch says. Composed in 2011, … Read more

RDT’s Emerge highlights company’s extraordinary status as major Utah arts institution

In its third annual edition, the Repertory Dance Theatre’s (RDT) Emerge concert revealed so much character and soul of the company’s dancers in the works they created for this concert that underscores why, indeed, this is an extraordinary period in RDT’s life as a performing arts institution. Every new piece offered a significant theme, personal … Read more

Setting work about what is important to them: Repertory Dance Theatre’s dancers to present new pieces at Emerge

Jaclyn Brown’s husband, Terry, may not be a professionally trained dancer but she says that her husband, “has expressed some strong opinions about [the] choreography” he sees when she and her colleagues perform on the Repertory Dance Theatre (RDT) stage. “He often has many detailed questions about why choreographers made certain choices, and disagrees with … Read more

Audacious, experimental, unflinching: Top Ten Moments of the Utah Enlightenment for 2018

More apparent every year, the Utah Enlightenment is audacious, experimental and unflinching in its artistic entrepreneurship. In 2018, the pool for considering the most definitive moments of the Utah Enlightenment was as expansive and diverse as ever. The Utah Review presents the top ten moments for 2018, precisely because of promise and strength among its … Read more

Two examples of artistic entrepreneurship: Will The Sheep Come to Be Cleaned, The Wreath

Two recent premieres of works by young Utah artists demonstrate their skills in developing as creative entrepreneurs in the community. Reviews of both are presented. Will The Sheep Come to Be Cleaned – Dat Nguyen In his most recent work Will The Sheep Come to Be Cleaned, Choreographer Dat Nguyen riffs off a metaphor that … Read more

Gratitude in three wonderful Utah programs: Repertory Dance Theatre’s Mosaic, NOVA Chamber Music Series’ Royal Musings, Spy Hop’s PitchNic

This month, three leading organizations in Utah’s arts and culture scene presented programs: Repertory Dance Theatre’s Mosaic, NOVA Chamber Music Series’ Royal Musings and Spy Hop Productions’ 16th annual PitchNic premieres. Reviews of all three programs are presented. REPERTORY DANCE THEATRE: MOSAIC It took 93 minutes of dance to create the opulent mosaic of movement … Read more

Repertory Dance Theatre’s Mosaic concert set for Nov. 15-17

In a mosaic, the complete picture and the array of artistic tiles or photographs are distinguishable at the same time. More than a dozen years ago, scholars Georgia Chao and Henry Moon elegantly applied the mosaic metaphor to understanding how diversity is manifested in the workplace. If we view the cultural mosaic of an individual … Read more

Artistic excellence in season openers for Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, Repertory Dance Theatre

In their respective season openers, two of Salt Lake City’s most distinguished dance institutions — Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company and Repertory Dance Theatre — gave more than ample proof of why their artistic excellence commands attention not just locally but also nationally and internationally. The Utah Review offers reviews of both season openers. RIRIE-WOODBURY DANCE COMPANY: … Read more

Repertory Dance Theatre’s 53rd season to open on new, classic notes of Spirit of Manifest Diversity

Entering its 53rd season, Repertory Dance Theatre (RDT) always has been at the modern dance forefront in expressing the complexities of the past and the ever-shifting contemporary present. In the 1960s, the idea of Manifest Destiny still dominated the mindset of the American West although it was being obscured increasingly by the civil rights movement … Read more