Dance elevated with Ballet West’s Almost Tango

Almost Tango by Ballet West

Ballet West continues to surprise and delight its audiences this year with a triple-bill performance celebrating diversity in dance—paying tribute to tango, square dancing and the techno dance club scene. “I choose to put these three works together because in subtle and unique ways they are all explorations into the melding of classical ballet and … Read more

Spring perfect time for uplifting Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, Salt Lake Electric Ensemble collaboration

The artistic promise of Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company’s upcoming concert evokes every imaginable aspect of spring. There is the uplifting, rejuvenating force of Netta Yerushalmy’s new choreographed composition that vividly uses the extensive movement vocabulary of dance along with costume changes and fast-shifting designs of stage lighting to deconstruct metaphorically traditional narratives. It is the dancers’ … Read more

Plan-B Theatre’s ‘Pilot Program’ brings polygamy forward in living room drama

“The Lord showed me by vision and revelation exactly what would take place if we did not stop this practice. If we had not stopped it, you would have had no use for … any of the men in this temple … for all (temple sacraments) would be stopped throughout the land. … Confusion would … Read more

ASTA music educators conference: Teachers are flipping the classroom in bold ways

For math, science economics and more recently art history, the Khan Academy changed the rules by flipping the classroom and offering hundreds of videos online to students in more than 40 languages. Something similar and just as exciting is happening in music education, an area that has been especially vulnerable to budget cutting by school … Read more

A timeless tale: Fiddler on the Roof

Since the musical first graced the Broadway stage in 1964, “Fiddler on the Roof” has proven to be a classic with a timeless message. For the past thirty years, the story of Tevye, the humble dairyman and father of five daughters has resonated with audiences as each generation struggles with keeping traditions in an ever-changing … Read more

Magnificent, searing performances carry Plan-B Theatre’s outstanding premiere of ‘A/Version of Events’

From several notable vantages, there has been a great infusion of artistic energy in the blossoming Utah Enlightenment, a creative movement that demands courage in the making of art. And, especially in Utah’s peculiar environment that gives civility, docility and adherence to faith much higher value than often deserved, courage becomes critical in ensuring the … Read more

Grief, love, marriage will pack emotional punches in Plan-B Theatre’s ‘A/Version of Events’

“The problem was that the disasters showed all the signs of arousal—of being in fight-or-flight mode—in their relationships. Having a conversation sitting next to their spouse was, to their bodies, like facing off with a saber-toothed tiger.” —Emily Esfahani Smith, June, 12, 2014, The Atlantic In Matthew Ivan Bennett’s newest play ‘A/Version of Events,’ the married … Read more

Matt Starling’s new recording of Riley minimalist classic ‘Dorian Reeds’

In the best tradition of minimalist music, austerity and sincerity – sometimes built on nothing more than a handful of pitches and rhythmic values – lead to surprising phenomena of musical experiences that often become ambient, transcendental or even psychedelic. Fifty years ago, composer Terry Riley saw his works – including ‘In C’ and ‘Dorian … Read more

JazzSLC: three shows left in the season

jazz slc logo

JazzSLC is a non-profit concert series that is produced and funded by the GAM Foundation. The GAM Foundation was founded by Gordon Hanks and Michael MacKay in 1994 in an effort to increase awareness and garner appreciation for our jazz community. Since its inception, the GAM Foundation has produced more than 200 concerts and featured … Read more

Mass hysteria prevails in The Crucible at Pioneer Theatre Company

Pioneer Theatre Company bills The Crucible as “a landmark work of the American theatre, at once a powerful cautionary tale and a mesmerizing psychological drama.” The Crucible by Arthur Miller is based on true events surrounding the Salem witch trials—which began with several young girls (ranging in age from 9 to 20) accusing local townspeople … Read more