Inside the Utah Opera Production Studios

costumes from Utah Opera's The Merry Widow

Opera costumes are big business at the Utah Opera Production Studios. With 13 employees on staff in the costume department including a full-time cutter/draper, hat maker (milliner) and tailor/draper, each year the Utah Opera undertakes the daunting task of mounting a full season of professional productions direct from their own costume shop. “We don’t really … Read more

Courageous artistic expression underscores memorable moments of Utah Enlightenment in 2015

There was a lot to celebrate in 2015 with the Utah Enlightenment, a creative movement where courage defines some of the state’s most interesting and independent artists. Indeed, the Enlightenment disturbs and disrupts the peculiar Utah penchant to be civil and docile or to be content with platitudes and pleasantries. Artists are reclaiming Utah’s unique … Read more

Ballet West’s Diamond Anniversary of The Nutcracker

Few activities bring the charm and wonder of the holiday season to life more than Ballet West’s annual run of the Nutcracker. Giant mechanical dolls and bears dancing, sugar plum fairies twirling, Clara saving the Nutcracker prince from harm by the Mouse King—all with the iconic Tchaikovsky score played live by the Ballet West Orchestra. … Read more

Plan-B Theatre’s Booksmart offers generous holiday gift of socially conscious comedy

In a season where consumers exchange expectations of peace and goodwill for short-lived marketing ‘magic,’ Rob Tennant’s impressively on-point Booksmart is an entertaining call beckoning us back to a sane conscience for the holidays. Plan-B Theatre’s production, which has sold out the house in every performance, is as pitch perfect as an original holiday show … Read more

Salt Lake City artist Skyler Chubak cultivates elegant, finer, graceful hand of American penmanship

In high school, Skyler Chubak practiced drawing the alphabet with a calligraphy marker in a Speedball practice book. Speedball, developed a century ago by Ross F. George, always has been an indispensable calligraphic resource for penmanship and lettering artists as well as sign designers. Realizing that it was a meticulous art which required a great … Read more

Plan-B Theatre’s Booksmart: Holiday tale about the latter-day proletariat struggle

In last year’s Plan-B Theatre production of Julie Jensen’s Christmas with Misfits, the stage overflowed in an mini avalanche of cheap, gaudy, motley Christmas decorations including the memorable ‘Baby Jesus Collection’ display created by local steampunk artist Arika Schockmel. In Booksmart, this year’s holiday season offering by Plan-B, the employee breakroom is haplessly drab. Plan-B … Read more

The power of religious legend in David Pace’s new novel Dream House on Golan Drive

In his marvelous short story American Trinity, David Pace brings to life the religious Mormon legend of the Three Nephites, an apocryphal tradition about ancient disciples whom LDS members claim have interceded and helped them in various situations. The scribe, Zedekiah, is debating a fellow disciple about their spiritual calling and the power of telling … Read more

Three world premieres slated for Repertory Dance Theatre’s 50th anniversary Revel concert

Three world premieres – all embracing celebration in various forms of dance movement and music – will mark Revel, one of the concerts marking the Repertory Dance Theatre’s 50th anniversary. The program includes a new work by Bill Evans, a nationally known dance artist and choreographer who was one of the earliest dancers in RDT’s … Read more

Impressively enlightened conscience dominates latest round of PitchNic film premieres by Spy Hop students

The latest set of PitchNic short film premieres by students at Spy Hop Productions not only impressed an audience of nearly 500 at the Rose Wagner Center for Performing Arts but it also signaled that all four films are ready for submission to film festivals around the country. In fact, each of the films could … Read more

Spy Hop’s 13th annual PitchNic premiere signals young filmmakers’ creative, intellectual passions

Perseverance is one of Spy Hop Productions’ most cherished values and the students needed a bigger dose than normal to get the four films ready for this week’s 13th annual premiere of PitchNic Films. Dealing with illness and college responsibilities, constructing scenes to meet artistic challenges, dealing with shooting snafus and some equipment accidents, and … Read more