Uintas: Comfort and Wilderness

sunrise in the Uintas

I’ve always thought of our local mountains, the Wasatch Range, as an extension of Salt Lake City. A city park, if you will. Group picnics, campgrounds and seven ski resorts take up a fair amount of real estate. Not to say you can’t get lost and have a wilderness experience a few short miles from … Read more

Biking & Brats at Snowbird’s Oktoberfest

tram deck snowbird

I’ve been hearing for months of a new top-to-bottom mountain bike trail at Snowbird, dubbed “The Big Mountain Trail”. Snowbird is a big and steep mountain and any trail that switchbacks its way down the 3,000 vertical feet accessed by the tram is sure to be a gravity-fueled descent. The lure of Oktoberfest (open June – … Read more

Salt Lake Comic Con 2014: Sights and Scenes

gollum weta statue at salt lake comic con 2014

This weekend marks the second annual Salt Lake City Comic Con — an event that has proven successful beyond the bounds of the wildest of imaginations; and there’s an abundance of imagination among the 120,000+ guests. On Saturday, September 6, the event formally sold out, with elaborately costumed guests still queuing around the block to … Read more

Salt Lake Comic Con 2014: Opening Day

lou ferrigno salt lake comic con day one 2014

Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 began in fine fashion at Thursday morning’s press conference. Here’s a video of the introduction to this year’s show: (click here to view directly on YouTube) Following the press conference, cosplayers gathered for a grand parade to kick off the three day festivities. If you intend to catch the event … Read more

2014 Salt Lake City Greek Festival

slc greek festival 2014 banner

Ochlophobiacs would be well advised to skip the streets of downtown SLC this weekend; you may well encounter the odd crowd. Not only does the 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con come to town tomorrow — but the 39th yearly installment of the Salt Lake Greek Festival also kicks off on Friday, September 5. In years … Read more

One week left to Salt Lake Comic Con 2014

salt lake comic con 2014 tickets and badges

Only one week to go now and the Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 will burst onto downtown SLC like a Cylon Basestar on Dradis. Hmm sorry, I geeked out from excitement there a little. But who could blame me? The impending mega-show gets bigger and brighter by the day, aiming to draw more than 120,000 … Read more

Rainy Days in Park City? Plenty To Do!

“With the recent rain, please stay off the trails the next few days to give them a chance to dry out. Riding muddy trails ruins them, don’t be a jerk!” That was the Facebook post from one of the local ‘trail police’ groups. Yes, riding muddy trails ruins them, but I’m thinking they can’t be … Read more

Mountain Biking Utah County’s Blackhawk Loop

Blackhawk Trail Trailhead

“Do you think those are God’s tears?” One of my riding partners just ahead of me on the Blackhawk Trail is asking rhetorically. “Nah, must be Joseph Smith’s,” came the reply to group laughter. We’re only eight miles into a bike ride none of us have done, the Blackhawk Trail, in Utah County as it … Read more

Do more with Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning fall catalog

It’s still August but you can feel fall in the air. Usually it’s in the morning when the lows have moved into the 60s and there seems to actually be dew on the grass. Though, in this dry climate it’s probably just unevaporated moisture from the night-running sprinklers. This change in seasons means one thing; … Read more

2014 Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah

  The sounds of Dutch, Italian, Slovakian and Colombian accents were prevalent this past week throughout Utah thanks to the arrival of this year’s edition of the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah. This year the Tour of Utah celebrated its 10th anniversary, and was bigger and better than ever. What started as a small … Read more