Utah Arts Festival 2019: Women Who Rock! Day to highlight music, literary activities, Fear No Film screening, CodeDevs workshop

This year at the Utah Arts Festival, June 21 (Friday) is dedicated to Women Who Rock!, with female musicians, poets, writers and spoken word performers set on various stages along with a Fear No Film program and a coding workshop for girls headed by two sisters who work locally as software developers and engineers. The … Read more

Utah Arts Festival 2019: Brian Hennesy’s unique take on ‘Screw You Art’

Many artists have succeeded at turning upcycled materials into wonderful art pieces. Brian Hennesy (Booth 43), one of the record 177 artists at this year’s Artists Marketplace at the Utah Arts Festival, finds metal objects including screws, washers, nuts, and bolts and combines them into unique mirror frames and guitars. A musician as well as … Read more

Utah Arts Festival 2019: Four commissions set to premiere in chamber and jazz music, dance

Four commissioned world premieres – chamber music, jazz and two in dance – are part of this year’s Utah Arts Festival. The Utah Review highlights each of the new works. KATLYN ADDISON, JOSHUA WHITEHEAD DANCE COMMISSIONS, RUUDDANCES — June 21, 5:45 p.m., Festival Stage For the annual dance commission concert at the Utah Arts Festival. … Read more

Utah Arts Festival 2019: Ingra Draper’s contemporary pressed botanicals using flower petals work like paint to create designs

Ingra Draper, a Salt Lake City artist (Booth 129), works with contemporary pressed botanicals using flower petals, like paint, to create designs. Draper, who earned a fine arts degree at The University of Utah in lighting design for theater and dance, is among the 177 artists who was invited to participate in this year’s Utah … Read more

Utah Arts Festival 2019: The maker spirit runs deep in the Art and Technology venue

As a kid, Michael Beck already was inspired to be a maker. “My grandfather was a cabinet maker and he taught me woodworking; my dad and grandfather got me into the try everything mindset,” he says. “I love taking raw materials and making something, be it a model train layout, knitting a scarf, or making … Read more

Utah Arts Festival 2019: Alkahest Leather from Oregon among newcomers in Artists Marketplace

Many artists at the Utah Arts Festival‘s Artist Marketplace have unique stories to relate not only about their art but also about the creative and educational path they took toward becoming artists. Also, many now work full-time as artists. Among the 68 newcomers to this year’s Artist Marketplace, the largest ever for the Utah Arts … Read more

Utah Arts Festival 2019: A grand tradition of young artists in traveling exhibition of Utah All-State High School Art Show

In 2016, Regan Reichert, then a senior at Lone Peak High School won a juror’s choice award in the annual Utah All-State High School Art Show, which champions the work of juniors and seniors, as selected by a professional jury. He also received a scholarship for a classical style portrait of a young girl. Reichert … Read more

Utah Arts Festival 2019: Inspired by images of insect wings, Colorado artist Lauri Dunn’s photographs, photo sculptures offer unique perspective of metamorphosis

A newcomer to the Utah Arts Festival’s Artists Marketplace who recently left a full-time teaching job to focus on her art, Lauri Dunn (Booth 46) of Denver transforms images of insect wings into meditative, modern photographs and photo sculptures. Her work is inspired by the natural world, but also displays her love of the urban … Read more

Utah Arts Festival 2019: Saurus will bring prehistoric vibe to festival’s street theater scene

Many of Utah Arts Festival’s special street theater attractions have been unforgettable. In 2014, Australia’s Strange Fruit using a soundtrack with excerpts from Mozart to swing, acted out a universally approachable timeless story of a boy and girl in romance, expressing love, loss, jealousy and joy. However, the quartet of performers danced, flirted and delighted … Read more

Utah Arts Festival 2019: The City Library’s partnership with the festival in one word: ‘Fantastic’

Rare is the sentiment that can be expressed simply and unequivocally as Peter Bromberg, the executive director of the Salt Lake City Public Library, describes the partnership which the downtown institution has enjoyed with the Utah Arts Festival. Bromberg has one word. “Fantastic.” Calling it one of the “best annual festivals in the Mountain West,” … Read more