A Visit With Amour Spreads

“We sold out of our elderberry marmalade yesterday, so we need to go find some berries to make more marmalade” said the message from Casee Francis, one half of the Amour Spreads duo. Casee and John Francis don’t freeze fruit once picked, so when they’re out, it’s time to look for some more in the … Read more

Katie Weinner: Top Chef season 12 cheftestant

katie weinner top chef profile pic one

Salt Lake fans of Bravo’s Top Chef should be sure to DVR the 12th season of the popular reality TV competition. This season’s battle of “cheftestants” from around the country includes SLC local, Katie Weinner. Katie will be going up against 15 other cheftestants in a battle for a $125,000 prize, a feature in Food … Read more

Pop-culture artist Robin Banks’ timeless interpretations

In Salt Lake City, there are many venues for finding Robin Banks’ fresh, bright and playful pop art and culture illustrations that have a timeless imprint upon retro and classic interpretations of cartoon and comic figures. In just six years, Banks (who prefers the singular generic pronoun “they”) has compiled a diverse professional portfolio including … Read more

Utah composer Troy Lennerd’s music proves fruitful in global ways

Just a quick glance of Troy Lennerd’s music output reveals a 21st century composer who sees audiences and music listeners not as a sign of artistic weakness, of surrendering to temptations of commercialization but as a worthwhile instrument for making accessible music that is as significant as any abstract avant-garde exploration of new sounds. The … Read more

Backstage at Utah Arts Festival 2014: Dallas artist Jennifer Lashbrook turns paint swatches into unique portraits

Many artists at the Utah Arts Festival’s Artists Marketplace are increasingly finding that any material, which might have been discarded previously or considered an afterthought, is worth converting into appealing art forms. Jennifer Lashbrook from Dallas, who won this year’s People’s Choice Award in the Artist Marketplace, creates portraits from paint swatches she gathers from … Read more

Backstage at Utah Arts Festival 2014: Harper and Midwest Kind, MarchFourth Marching Band to close out festival on soulful, rousing notes

Peter Harper

Harper and Midwest Kind, June 29, 2 p.m., Art Yard stage; 4:30 p.m., City-County Building Stage, and 9 p.m. Park Stage For someone born in the United Kingdom and who spent his formative years in Perth Australia and whose early musical experience included playing trumpet and euphonium in brass bands, Peter D. Harper has become one … Read more

Backstage at Utah Arts Festival 2014: Turkish film director Oguzhan Kaya proves every boundary can be crossed in Fear No Film

Oguzhan Kaya

The director and producer from one of the 65 short films which are being screened this year at Fear No Film in the Utah Arts Festival are demonstrating in enlightening and heartening ways the best creative impulses that drive the ‘Boundaries’ theme for this year’s cinematic program. Oguzhan Kaya, 30, who directed the short film, ‘A … Read more

Backstage at Utah Arts Festival 2014: Salt Lake City’s Sergiusz Wiaderny creates fascinating abstract art in most unusual form

Bird of Paradise, Sergiusz Wiaderny.

Two years ago, Sergiusz Wiaderny applied to be in the Artists Marketplace at the Utah Arts Festival and was rejected.   This year, when the Salt Lake City photographer artist (Booth 55) – who works full time at his business Pumpco (small aggregate concrete pump business) – was accepted, he says in an interview with … Read more

Backstage at Utah Arts Festival 2014: Josiel Perez, AC Jazz Project bring sizzling timba in first Utah performance

Josiel Perez, trumpeter and bandleader, AC Jazz

Josiel Perez and The AC Jazz Project, June 28, 9:45 p.m., Park Stage There is a phenomenally talented generation of Cuban musicians, including some who have not yet reached the age of 30, who are demonstrating to the world the truest, most dynamic elements of Cuban music that are far, far away from the nostalgic … Read more