Matt Starling’s new recording of Riley minimalist classic ‘Dorian Reeds’

In the best tradition of minimalist music, austerity and sincerity – sometimes built on nothing more than a handful of pitches and rhythmic values – lead to surprising phenomena of musical experiences that often become ambient, transcendental or even psychedelic. Fifty years ago, composer Terry Riley saw his works – including ‘In C’ and ‘Dorian … Read more

Ballet West’s graceful Swan Lake

Ballet West's Swan Lake: photo courtesy of Luke Isley

Before Taylor Swift wore the Swan Lake costumes in her Shake It Off video, Tchaikovsky composed the heart-wrenching score for Swan Lake 138 years ago and Ballet West’s founder Willam Christensen created the first full-length American production in 1940. Swan Lake is the ultimate classical ballet. Filled with more than 50 dancers including ballerinas in … Read more

Rye Diner and Drinks, a refreshing addition to a growing list of new eateries in Salt Lake

Rye Truffle Mac & Cheese

I enjoy trying new places to eat. Not just because I’m fortunate enough to write about my experiences and share them with other interested local foodies, but also because there is something exciting about discovering a great new restaurant. Trying things I would not typically order but must because it’s a popular menu item, has … Read more

‘The Fifth Goal 1998-2003: Transcendental Graffiti Zine’ explores railroad graffiti art, late young author’s spiritual journey

carry my message. carry my hope. carry its meaning. carry it home. carry my depression. carry disconnection. take this suspension. carry the clone. hop in my step. camera in my bag. calm in my soul. pen in my hand. ‘Pen In My Hand’ – Parallax song from the demo ‘Landlocked,’ lyrics by Blake Donner (c. … Read more

The Annex By Epic where Epic beer meets epic food

annex by epic mussels

During the last couple of decades, humble pub grub has undergone a makeover worthy of something you’d spot on Bravo and immediately lose three IQ points over. Marketing departments the world over have coyly convinced us to hand more and more cash, because now, well, this is a brewpub and this is a dramatically superior … Read more

Many warm harmonies in Bistro 222’s winter menu

At downtown Salt Lake City’s Bistro 222, a smartly done, sophisticated urban space with a strong environmentally-friendly profile, presenting a menu that strikes just the right harmony of elegance and refinement with rustic, even homestyle comfort food can be a formidable challenge. The temptation to emphasize elements on either side of the culinary equation risks … Read more

Plan-B Theatre’s ‘Marry Christmas’ delivers unexpected gift of emotional energy

In a year of many high marks for Plan-B Theatre, the month of December, normally a quiet period for this performing arts company, has become especially memorable. Julie Jensen’s smashing ‘Christmas with Misfits’ played a sold-out run drawing much well-deserved acclaim. Likewise, tickets also sold out for Elaine Jarvik’s ‘Marry Christmas,’ an ensemble piece celebrating … Read more

Plan-B Theatre’s ‘Christmas with Misfits’ more than an apt flipside for the holidays

baby jesus collection plan b theatre misifts chirtsmas featured image

Plan-B Theatre’s productions normally are masterpieces of minimalism in staging and subtle lighting but for its latest premiere of Julie Jensen’s ‘Christmas with Misfits,’ director Cheryl Ann Cluff wisely decided to celebrate the occasion of the play’s theme with an overflowing bounty of holiday décor props. In the opening, when actor Jeanette Puhich bursts forth … Read more

Monumental, urgent lesson for today’s environmental movement in rediscovering ‘The Story of My Heart’

It is inexplicable how some of the most gifted, passionate and prescient pioneers of form, expression, and ideals in the arts and letters world languish in obscurity before someone rediscovers and revives their work, which often is more relevant now than during the period in which it was created. The words of a nearly forgotten … Read more

Audience gives rousing approval to Spy Hop’s PitchNic films now ready to hit national indie film festival circuit

There is no doubt the quartet of new short films from Spy Hop Production’s 12th annual PitchNic premiere – two fiction and two documentaries – which were screened last week before a sold-out Jeanne Wagner Theatre audience will find plenty of life on the independent film festival circuit in Utah and around the country. All four … Read more