Notes From FanX 2014: Welcome To The Show

Today at 10.00am in the grand ballroom of the Salt Palace Convention Center, FanX 2014 kicked into action. The second spur of Salt Lake Comic Con hopes to bring 100,000 attendees to downtown SLC April 17-19. Organizer Dan Farr kicked off proceedings before quickly yielding the floor to Utah State governor Gary Herbert. See the video below for the full introduction to this years great event.

If you question your own sanity at the start of the video, don’t worry, that is indeed the Utah Jazz bear. The same bear in fact that brought organizer Dan Farr roaring into the auditorium on a harley. Yep, you read that right too. We hope to bring you more moments like that from FanX over the next couple days.

Note: tickets are still on sale, and hold onto your hats, Sir Partick Stewart is a last minute addition to the lineup on Saturday 19th!

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