Salt Lake Comic Con 2014: Opening Day

lou ferrigno salt lake comic con day one 2014
Lou Ferrigno introduces day one of the Salt Lake Comic Con 2014

Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 began in fine fashion at Thursday morning’s press conference. Here’s a video of the introduction to this year’s show:

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Following the press conference, cosplayers gathered for a grand parade to kick off the three day festivities. If you intend to catch the event over the next few days, you might see a few of these faces:

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Romance In Bloom at Comic Con’s Sci Fi Speed Dating

The uproarious laughter and occasional shouts coming from the room were a sure giveaway that host and MC, Ryan Glitch, had suitably soothed the nerves of the once-shaky men and women attending the first session of Sci Fi Speed Dating at this weekend’s Salt Lake Comic Con. Judging from the potential dater’s obvious enjoyment, Sci Fi Speed Dating is proving to be a Comic Con hit. The events continue through Saturday, with sessions daily at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., and sessions for those seeking partners in the LGBTPQ community each day at 11 a.m.

sci fi speed dating three ladies
Sci Fi speed dating: Tiffany, Mindy, Cassandra

(Left to right) Tiffany’s Sci Fi dream date is the 10th Doctor Who, David Tennant. Mindy is looking for a mate who respects her and is there for her. Cassandra says if a potential mate doesn’t like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ it’s a deal breaker.

scif fi speed dating two ladies
SciFi speed dating: Tiffany, Maren

(Left to Right) Tiffany says if someone wanted to catch her eye, he could dress as Gambit from X-Men or Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. Maren’s Sci Fi dream date is Benedict Cumberbatch from Sherlock and Star Trek into Darkness.

sci fi speed dating two guys
Sci Fi Speed Dating: Andrew, Justin

(Left to Right) Andrew says if someone wanted to catch his eye, she could dress as Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online. Justin is unsure what he is looking for in a mate, but says he’ll know it when he sees it.

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