Salt Lake Comic Con 2014: Sights and Scenes

This weekend marks the second annual Salt Lake City Comic Con — an event that has proven successful beyond the bounds of the wildest of imaginations; and there’s an abundance of imagination among the 120,000+ guests. On Saturday, September 6, the event formally sold out, with elaborately costumed guests still queuing around the block to access the Salt Palace Convention Center.

It’d be impossible to document every costume, character and cosplayer, but here are some of the attendees that we’ve bumped into during the show.

salt lake comic con 2014 pokemon family
A family of well-trained Pokemon on the exhibit floor
salt lake comic con 2014 marge simpson
Marge Simpson waits for the beginning of the Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 cosplay parade
salt lake comic con 2014 raccoon
Children of all ages and species enjoy Salt Lake Comic Con
salt lake comic con 2014 robot
Elaborate costumes with sound and light effects were on display
princesses at comic con
Disney princesses kick off the cosplay parade accompanied by children from the Make A Wish Foundation
tom bert and william
Tom, Bert and William life-sized models from WETA workshop
pink pokemon girl
Sarah Powner dressed as Sylveon the Pokemon
gandalf at comic con
Dawn Beijer as Gandalf The Grey
league of legends cosplay
Josh Apato and Crystal Escalante as Shaco and Poppy from League Of Legends
marshmallow stay puft baby
Amanda Osgood as Doctor Who and Lilly as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
cosplay family comic con
The family that cosplays together…Rachel as a steampunk Elsa from Frozen, David as a steampunk Jack Frost from Rise Of The Guardians and Arya as Wonder Woman
parent for sale at comic con
Addie and Libby Salisbury attempt to rid themselves of dad Taylor

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