Backstage at the Utah Arts Festival 2022: A sure winner in this year’s Art Yard for kids: Dinosaurs!

When it comes to facts about dinosaurs, kids seem to know enough to suggest that they have already started down the bath of becoming budding paleontologists. In Utah, dinosaurs always are a trending topic. Geologists and paleontologists have developed a timeline spanning many millions of years while documenting the existence of more than 115 species. … Read more

Utah Arts Festival 2021: Creative Zone, Art & Technology, Urban Arts venues set for three full days of activities

Although a bit scaled back this year, the Utah Arts Festival’s Art & Technology, Creative Zone and Urban Art venues will have plenty of activities for patrons and their families. Creative Zone Open all three days between noon and 8 p.m., the Creative Zone this year temporarily replaces the Kids’ Art Yard, out of prudence … Read more

With technology, science, engineering, craftsmanship, Make Salt Lake stakes out several collaborative efforts in response to COVID-19 epidemic

As a major anchor in the makers’ community in terms of skills, professional expertise, scientific and engineering backgrounds and access to equipment capable of producing items that meet rigorous quality control standards, Make Salt Lake (MSL) has stepped up during the COVID-19 pandemic to fabricate masks and face shields. And, in terms of their finessed … Read more

Utah Arts Festival 2019: The maker spirit runs deep in the Art and Technology venue

As a kid, Michael Beck already was inspired to be a maker. “My grandfather was a cabinet maker and he taught me woodworking; my dad and grandfather got me into the try everything mindset,” he says. “I love taking raw materials and making something, be it a model train layout, knitting a scarf, or making … Read more

Backstage at The Utah Arts Festival 2018: At the Art and Technology venue, everyone becomes a maker

The objective at Make Salt Lake is simple. Even if there are no detailed plans to make something, there is no reason to be dissuaded from a project. For example, Make Salt Lake’s Beth Sallay, the coordinator for the Art and Technology venue at the Utah Arts Festival, is not a musician but she wanted … Read more