Henry Wolking’s orchestral jazz works featured in outstanding new Parma Recordings release Powell Canyons

Letting midnight out on bail pop- a- da having been detained in jail oop- pop- a- da for sprinkling salt on a dreamer’s tail pop- a -da — Langston Hughes, Jam Session, 1951 Henry Wolking’s orchestral jazz music consistently has that generous, resounding and veritable feel. One of Utah’s most important composers, he once described … Read more

In Sea, Utah composer Henry Wolking’s latest album, features Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra

One of Utah’s most prolific, diverse composers with the wisest sense of musical egalitarianism returns on his latest recording release featuring 12 masterly executed tracks of cosmopolitan music performed by the Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra (SLCJO). Henry Wolking also conducts the dozen works on In Sea, his debut album on Big Round Records, which … Read more