Wasatch Academy of Wine’s French Wine Scholar dinner

French Wine Scholar dinner wines

The spring French Wine Scholar class drew to a close after a series of ten weeks of classes with 13 students sitting for the post nominal test. Congratulations to Coy, Andrea, Lansin, Marianne, Rebecca and Neal for becoming Utah’s newest French Wine Scholars! Following the test, students and their families and invited guests enjoyed a … Read more

Wasatch Academy of Wine’s French Wine Scholar program: Part Nine, Rhône Valley

wines of Rhône Valley

The Rhône Valley is in southern France and divides itself into two distinct areas: Northern and Southern Rhône. Climates and soils vary greatly between the two but there are two things that connect them: the Rhône River and the Mistral wind. The Mistral is an intense wind that blows year-round and can reach speeds 60+ … Read more