Two exhibitions at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art highlight creative entrepreneurship in its broadest scope, composing Latina art in vast, compelling spaces

EDITOR’S NOTE: This feature also is published in Spanish here. Translation is courtesy of Mark Alvarez, a local immigration attorney. Two ongoing exhibitions at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art highlight the expanding perceptions of gallery presentations and visibility in visual arts: Beyond the Margins: An Exploration of Latina Art and Identity and Thomas Campbell: … Read more

Exceptional multidimensional perspectives at Vida, muerte, justicia exhibition at Ogden Contemporary Arts

In the mixed media painting Consuela – dee Flying Yoke, Mexican-born artist Amelec Diaz offers a brilliant statement on the stubbornness of efforts to prevent any attempts to introduce, enrich and expand different cultural heritages in education and in the community. In the background of the painting, Diaz, who recently completed an artist residency at … Read more