Backstage at the Utah Arts Festival 2023: More about Utah art from different perspectives: Urban Art venue, Holladay artist Vincent Mattina

URBAN ARTS The programming at the Urban Arts venue at the Utah Arts Festival focuses on fostering freedom of expression, independent identities and creativity but also to demonstrate the value and importance of respect, communal bonds and support within the community of urban and street visual artists and musicians. Since it became a part of … Read more

Utah Arts Festival 2021: Creative Zone, Art & Technology, Urban Arts venues set for three full days of activities

Although a bit scaled back this year, the Utah Arts Festival’s Art & Technology, Creative Zone and Urban Art venues will have plenty of activities for patrons and their families. Creative Zone Open all three days between noon and 8 p.m., the Creative Zone this year temporarily replaces the Kids’ Art Yard, out of prudence … Read more

Utah Arts Festival 2019: Urban Arts venue expands artistic, musical opportunities for numerous local creative producers

In recent years at the Utah Arts Festival, the Urban Arts venue has been growing not just in breadth and depth of artistic experiences but also in its audience draw. Venue coordinators Pablo Pinet and Derek Wheeler have again added features to showcase urban, street, graffiti and calligraphic art in its various codes of communication … Read more

Backstage at The Utah Arts Festival 2018: Urban Arts venue offers natural, complex harmonies, visually and musically

At the Urban Arts venue of The Utah Arts Festival (June 21-24), graffiti art, in its fully elaborated figurative and thematic forms, consistently is explored as the meaningful, liberated, provocative creative expression that is as relatable to the viewer as any other. This year, the venue’s artists and festival visitors will see graffiti art in … Read more