Wasatch Academy of Wine’s French Wine Scholar program: Part Two

wines of Alsace

Wine wisdom from the Alsace region: Pinot Noir is the only red grape grown in the Alsace region. Bottles with long, tapered necks are Alsatian. Best known for dry Rieslings and sparkling white and rosé wines (Crémant d’Alsace AOC). Wasatch Academy of Wine serves as the affiliate provider for the French Wine Society’s courses in … Read more

Wasatch Academy of Wine’s French Wine Scholar program Part One

I am a lover of wine but certainly no scholar. I’ve swirled, sniffed and drank in many a state’s wine country and at least a dozen foreign countries besides. Last week I stood in a vineyard in Sonoma with beautiful ancient vines — but I couldn’t have told you a Grenache grape from a Viognier … Read more

Enjoy local Utah wines this Thanksgiving

evan lewandowksi and his wines

South Salt Lake holds the distinction of being the proud home to two urban wineries. Ruth Lewandowski Wines and Kiler Grove Winegrowers each ferment, bottle and sell their wines from small tasting rooms that front larger production operations within the city’s boundaries. You’ll find wines from both wineries on wine lists at the finest restaurants … Read more