A Thanksgiving meal without turkey

Is Thanksgiving still Thanksgiving without the turkey? Yes! Perhaps turkey is not your fowl of choice. Perhaps you and your family have tired of the same Thanksgiving meal centerpiece. Truthfully, it’s been a difficult year for turkey in Utah this season anyway. Many poults (baby turkeys) from Utah’s various turkey producers were either infected with … Read more

Meet Salt & Smoke Artisan Meats

Salt & Smoke Artisan Meats' owner and butcher Frody Volgger

“Frody will be breaking down a pig on Friday,” Cassie Little, sales manager of Salt & Smoke Artisan Meats, tells me. It’s my first chance to go behind the scenes of Frody Volgger’s newest venture — a butcher shop focusing on heritage pigs, European-style sausages and specialty meats. I’m to meet a photographer from The … Read more