SC16 supercomputing conference provided real-life experiences of collaboration, engagement for everyone on STEM spectrum

For Salt Lake City’s West High School students Nicole Andrade and Kelsie Muhlestein, touring the massive exhibit floor at last week’s SC16 global high-performance computing conference whet their appetites for a STEM field major in college. Kincaid Savoie, one of the University of Utah’s SupercompUtes team members who competed in a 48-hour competition that really … Read more

SC16’s Salt Lake City conference focuses on diversifying world of high-performance computing

As important as science and technology is to the more than 11,000 professionals, researchers, students and teachers from more than 55 nations who are convening in Salt Lake City this week’s SC16 global supercomputing conference, the focus on women and minorities in the supercomputing world and STEM fields is being expanded significantly in this year’s … Read more