Meet Salt & Smoke Artisan Meats

Salt & Smoke Artisan Meats' owner and butcher Frody Volgger

“Frody will be breaking down a pig on Friday,” Cassie Little, sales manager of Salt & Smoke Artisan Meats, tells me. It’s my first chance to go behind the scenes of Frody Volgger’s newest venture — a butcher shop focusing on heritage pigs, European-style sausages and specialty meats. I’m to meet a photographer from The … Read more

R&R BBQ is still smokin’

R&R ribs and chopped brisket

It’s rare for a restaurant to be an overwhelming success in its first year without a celebrity name or billionaire pockets backing the venture these days. Therein lies the mystery of R&R BBQ just off the freeway in downtown Salt Lake. If you’ve been living under a rock the past 15 months or so with … Read more