Sackerson, PYGmalion Productions riff on two of Shakespeare’s greatest plays

Two local theatrical companies recently staged productions of locally written adaptations of two of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. One is the witty The Weyward Sisters, inspired by Macbeth, as staged by PYGmalion Productions and the other is Ten Deaths of Hamlet, a one-actor adaptation featuring 16 characters, presented by Sackerson. PYGMALION PRODUCTIONS: THE WEYWARD SISTERS There’s … Read more

Sackerson’s new Ten Deaths of Hamlet challenges 1 actor to play 16 characters in Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy

In a 2003 lecture sponsored by the U.S. Library of Congress, Harold Bloom, the American literary critic, said Hamlet, Shakespeare’s quintessential tragedy for the theater, still is “the most experimental play ever written.” He added, “You can make of the play ‘Hamlet’ and the protagonist pretty much what you will, whether you are playgoer or … Read more