Backstage at Utah Arts Festival 2014: Fear No Film confronts, transcends boundaries in cinematic art

For the 12th annual Fear No Film portion of the Utah Arts Festival, curator Topher Horman has crafted seven sequences of presentations in the most imaginative interpretations of the various sources and origins of stories. Each program is described below. Your Boundaries (June 27, 2 p.m,; June 29, 6 p.m.) These films, representing our propensity … Read more

Backstage at Utah Arts Festival 2014: Fear No Film’s boundaries reach every corner of the globe

There are some who suggest that boundaries are disappearing in a society more focused on globalization. They argue that boundaries certainly have become more permeable, perhaps even disappearing. However, boundaries — physical and symbolic, visible or invisible — always are stubborn despite what some narratives might suggest. The fences, lines and edges of boundaries are … Read more