Utah filmmaking team set to premiere YouTube Originals documentary World Debut: From Outsiders to the Olympics 16 days before beginning of Tokyo Games

In a recent South China Morning Post article focusing on the Olympics’ less-than-enthusiastic appeal for younger audiences, Jack Lau cited statistics from the Ad Age trade publication indicating that the median age of American viewers for the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro was 52.4 years. To cite Lau, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) sees … Read more

Utah Film Center Artist Foundry showcase highlights projects completed in 2019; now ready for festival premieres, wider audiences

In marking the completion of its first full year (2019) as a base for independent filmmakers in Utah, the Utah Film Center Artist Foundry in downtown Salt Lake City recently presented a showcase of projects that were completed during the year. Among the significant takeaways from the five shorts and three trailers for upcoming feature-length films … Read more

Utah Film Center’s fundraiser to celebrate Napoleon Dynamite’s 15th anniversary

There are many reasons why the sleeper hit comedy Napoleon Dynamite (2004) deserves to be the pride of the Utah film industry. Directed by Jared Hess and written by Hess and his wife Jerusha, it has become a timeless pop culture staple featuring authentic characters and tropes who epitomized the high school scene that remains … Read more