The “it” liquors of Utah: Vida Tequila dominates

Cocktails and fashion have some similarities, right? We’ve long bid farewell to neon clothes, poofy 80s hair, and over-sweetened drinks. But like fashion, cocktail trends change with the times, and the refocus on quality ingredients and technique, make it an exciting time to drink in the good ol’ U.S.A. The art of the well-crafted cocktail … Read more

Raise a glass to prohibition

Sugar House Distillery West Temple Tipperary

Despite the Chicken Little histrionics of some Utahns — I’ve always found the state a fairly fun and functional place to grab a drink. This weekend you might want to raise glass with me — because no matter your opinion on the current state of imbibing in Utah — 96 years ago, people were about … Read more

New Cocktail Menu at Red Iguana

La Sorpresa margarita at Red Iguana.

Red Iguana is nationally known for its moles, making the Mexican restaurant notorious for hours-long wait times at both of its West side locations in Salt Lake City.  But before you blindly order a run-of-the-mill margarita to go with your amarillo mole, you might want to take a second glance at the cocktail menu. Recently … Read more