Spy Hop’s 14th annual PitchNic films prove student filmmakers ready for festival circuit

Impressive as expected, the recent 14th annual PitchNic short film premieres by students at Spy Hop Productions engaged an audience of nearly 500 at the Rose Wagner Center for Performing Arts in many good questions following the screenings. More importantly, the quality of the films indicated that the student filmmakers are ready to submit their … Read more

Audience gives rousing approval to Spy Hop’s PitchNic films now ready to hit national indie film festival circuit

There is no doubt the quartet of new short films from Spy Hop Production’s 12th annual PitchNic premiere – two fiction and two documentaries – which were screened last week before a sold-out Jeanne Wagner Theatre audience will find plenty of life on the independent film festival circuit in Utah and around the country. All four … Read more

Spy Hop’s 12th annual PitchNic premiere of four films promises powerful voice of youth

As memorable as the premieres of the PitchNic films are for the Spy Hop Productions students each year, what becomes the most satisfying bonus for their creative efforts is the opportunity to see their new short films screen at film festivals across the country. More than 90 percent of the PitchNic films produced in the … Read more