Cat+Fish Dances concert of Forge reflects on accepting, transcending vulnerability

The recent wave of dance concerts in Salt Lake City has produced gratifying experiences that supersede dance’s inherent ephemeral nature. Choreographers have encouraged work that deepens the audience’s capacity for translating the body movements they see on stage without the necessity of an intermediary interpreter. An individual’s persona can electrify — along with how dancers … Read more

Challenges of communication, stress, creative possibilities set for four choreographers in Regalia competition, Repertory Dance Theatre’s annual fundraiser

Two-way communication, adrenaline-fueled stress and an assortment of different creative possibilities are just a few of the essentials for the four choreographers who will participate in the competition part of Repertory Dance Theatre’s Regalia (RDT), the company’s largest annual fundraiser. It is not a setting that is comfortable or typical for any professional choreographer, who normally … Read more

A dark buddy comedy, hilarious solo show on LDS musicals, dance company piece, high school performers’ take on social media memes highlight Great Salt Fringe Festival

NOTE: This is Part II of reviews of shows from the 2018 Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival. For Part I, see here. Austin Archer’s Marty Has Cancer – Prufrock Productions Every performance of this play sold out or had standing room only, which likely makes it one of the most successful productions ever presented at … Read more