Welcome To The Utah Review

utah view from capitol

Congratulations on stumbling across the most momentous event to happen around these parts since several folks looked down on the valley below them – and proclaimed it a pretty rad place. They we’re right and we want to tell you why.

We’re bringing together the very best local writers and photographers to cover the best and brightest bits of life in Utah. The site is also built from the ground up with the web in mind – sure we don’t mind if you take a moment to go test that claim on your iPad or Android, we will wait right here…o.k done? Cool, let’s move on…While the boring old print media is snoozing at the online wheel still recommending IE as a preferred browser, theutahreview.com will be the Ferrari flying past. Heck, it will be a proud squadron of eagles flying by, leaving a dazzling trail of majesty in their wake. Ok, maybe not eagles or ferraris (the budget is tight) but definitely expect majesty!

The content will be written by Utahans for Utahans. Our writers are expert in their fields and passionate on topics ranging from food to music to theater. In fact if it has the merest hint of local flavor with a dash of fun, you will find it here. And if you find something missing, drop as a line (stuart@theutahreview.com), or maybe even join us.

So sit back, relax, and get ready for The Utah Review, because – and you knew this was coming right – this is the place.

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