Brilliant programs: NOVA Chamber Music Series’ Odyssey, Cédric Pescia’s all-Bach Bachauer concert

NOVA CHAMBER MUSIC SERIES’ ODYSSEY With Odyssey, its most recent Gallery Series concert, NOVA Chamber Music Series once again flexed its perfectly tuned muscles, by curating intellectually inspiring music from two Pulitzer Prize winning composers: the Israeli-born Shulamit Ran (1949-) and Steve Reich (1936-), who unquestionably has influenced the direction of American classical music more … Read more

NOVA Chamber Music Series set to present R/Evolution: A Millennium of Musical Mavericks

One of the most popular programming approaches to highlight the string quartet’s extraordinary versatility as a chamber music ensemble is to organize cycles of a particular composer’s output in the genre or to juxtapose a series that emphasize parallels between how two composers developed their musical language for string players. The case is strong for … Read more