As close to perfection as possible: Plan-B Theatre’s ‘3’ makes riveting case against perfection

Plan-B Theatre

In each of the short plays that comprise Eric Samuelsen’s latest work ‘3,’ Platonic notions of order and perfection are treated with stunningly effective realism. Plan-B Theatre’s latest premiere brings audiences close to the Mormon soldiers of ambition – women who crave validation, status and institutional acceptance and who desire getting something tangible or identifiable … Read more

Plan-B Theatre’s ‘3’ addresses the ‘casualties of perfectionism’ among Mormon women

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Although he calls it an “odd quirk” in his writing process, listening to certain kinds of music has been quite helpful for Eric Samuelsen in shaping the rhythmic and thematic flows of his plays. For example, in a play-in-progress about 11th century papal politics, he finds listening to rock ‘n’ roll from the late 1950s … Read more

Clearing thoughts on a tough subject: Highly entertaining Plan-B Theatre’s ‘Clearing Bombs’

'Clearing Bombs'

NOTE: Les Roka appreciates Mark Alvarez, an attorney and immigration expert who happens to have studied economics as an undergraduate student, for reviewing Plan-B Theatre’s latest premiere, ‘Clearing Bombs’ which runs through March 2. There are still a few seats available for the remaining performances and ticket information can be found at Photos courtesy … Read more

For Utah school children, Plan-B Theatre’s ‘Different=Amazing’ aims to create new spaces for addressing bullying

Plan-B Theatre 'Different=Amazing'

The literary arts have emerged as a potent platform for addressing bullying. Recent books such as the compilation ‘Dear Bully: 70 Authors Tell Their Stories;’ ‘One,’ a picturebook by Katherine Otashi, and ‘The Misfits,’ in which one of the main characters is inspired by her interaction with J. K. Rowling’s books to form a political … Read more

Plan-B Theatre’s ‘Clearing Bombs’ seeks to bring sense to the clash of economic principles

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‘Having spent much of the past three years reading and writing about this subject, I wonder whether it is even worth engaging with these arguments. The aversion to government spending, and government activity generally, which animates many Americans isn’t actually based on economics, or logic: it is an emotionally driven belief system, founded upon a … Read more