For Plan-B Theatre, ‘The Season of Eric’ is high point of artistic satisfaction for performers, audiences alike

NOTE: This is the first of three installments about Plan-B Theatre’s season. The second installment will highlight the upcoming ‘And The Banned Played On’ event which will be held May 3 at The Rose Wagner Center for Performing Arts. ‘So: the Season of Eric. And I’m Eric; apparently sufficiently known (or at least notorious) to … Read more

Clearing thoughts on a tough subject: Highly entertaining Plan-B Theatre’s ‘Clearing Bombs’

'Clearing Bombs'

NOTE: Les Roka appreciates Mark Alvarez, an attorney and immigration expert who happens to have studied economics as an undergraduate student, for reviewing Plan-B Theatre’s latest premiere, ‘Clearing Bombs’ which runs through March 2. There are still a few seats available for the remaining performances and ticket information can be found at Photos courtesy … Read more

Plan-B Theatre’s ‘Clearing Bombs’ seeks to bring sense to the clash of economic principles

plan b theatre clearing bombs featured image

‘Having spent much of the past three years reading and writing about this subject, I wonder whether it is even worth engaging with these arguments. The aversion to government spending, and government activity generally, which animates many Americans isn’t actually based on economics, or logic: it is an emotionally driven belief system, founded upon a … Read more