Backstage at the Utah Arts Festival 2015: City Library, The Leonardo packed with performances, workshops, technology demonstrations

Once again, the City Library will have a prominent presence at this year’s Utah Arts Festival with an exhibition featuring award-winning art by 53 high school students, numerous visual arts workshops, a sneak peak at what the third annual performance art festival will feature this fall, and, of course, the entire schedule of screenings for … Read more

Backstage at the Utah Arts Festival 2015: Out into the streets, Kurt Wenner’s art resonates in profound social significance

Focused on tackling the consequences of what remains a large cultural problem that has, as he explains in an interview with The Utah Review, “really dislodged artists and set all of them out in the streets,” Kurt Wenner lived in austere conditions as a young artist – even camping out in a sleeping bag in one of … Read more

Backstage at the Utah Arts Festival 2015: ‘Art Lives Here’ takes shape in many forms

Somehow managing always to remain calm, cool, good-humored and eternally organized, the staff and coordinators for the 39th Utah Arts Festival could run clinics for organizations on how to conduct effective, concise, fast-paced meetings where every participant can walk away at the end feeling something notable has been accomplished. In April, two months before the … Read more