Backstage at The Utah Arts Festival 2018: Peggy Dolkas’ Empatizzare will premiere as festival dance commission in Ruuddances concert with Ballet West artists

One of dance’s most powerful functions is its capacity to express something so profoundly that the audience watching it connects to it immediately. As we have listened to the voices of the #MeToo movement that always have been there but suddenly gained the frequency and volume which has asked us to empathize on a deeper … Read more

Karen Horne’s latest series of paintings capture moods of dance in classic, social settings

Expressing the art of dance in painting is among the most difficult challenges artists attempt. Many know of Edgar Degas, who practically lived at the Paris Opera in the 1870s, watching ballet rehearsals and performances, often from backstage, so that his paintings would be as true to representing the intensity of movement and focus of … Read more