Scenic National Parks Provide Common Ground for Education and Adventure; America’s Largest Outdoor Field Trip in Utah

America fell under the spell of our majestic parks over 100 years ago. Possessed by the severe beauty and tremendous power of nature, we were called to action. Among many others, Teddy Roosevelt’s dedication to help the National Parks sparked humanity to preserve areas for the future of our planet, and those to come after … Read more

The “it” liquors of Utah: Vida Tequila dominates

Cocktails and fashion have some similarities, right? We’ve long bid farewell to neon clothes, poofy 80s hair, and over-sweetened drinks. But like fashion, cocktail trends change with the times, and the refocus on quality ingredients and technique, make it an exciting time to drink in the good ol’ U.S.A. The art of the well-crafted cocktail … Read more

Reaching views reserved for elite climbers on Ogden Canyon’s “Iron Road”

Utah adrenaline junkies get their high-altitude fix mountaineering towering limestone and granite peaks, throughout the state. I’ve watched plenty on belay over sharp outcroppings in various canyons, often anxious to jump in myself. While no one who knows me would ever mistake me for a mountaineer, I’ve managed to traverse my way up several domestic … Read more