Presenting: Super Cat and Reptile Robot a bright, exuberant virtual addition to Plan-B Theatre’s superb FEST program

Never underestimate a child’s resourceful imagination. Cass, who is just shy of turning 10, becomes Super Cat. Cass’ best friend, Ray, who already has turned 10, is Reptile Robot. Together, they battle Captain Squid and Octo-Baby. During their sleepover, Cass and Ray learn a lot more from each other about what it really means to … Read more

First weekend of Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival shines in solid shows, ticket sales

The first weekend of the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival at The Gateway set a strong pace, indicating that it certainly will match last year’s ticket sales and likely exceed them by a generous margin. Some 1,700 tickets were sold for the first weekend of shows. Last year’s total attendance for the two-weekend event was … Read more

Overcoming the echo chamber emerges front and center in Plan-B Theatre’s (in)divisible

Being a conservative in the arts has also been great for me because those in the arts give me a full environment to hear other perspectives. Being close to those with different viewpoints has opened my mind and sometimes changed it (and sometimes reinforced it), but either way it’s been an expanding experience. I sometimes … Read more