Elaine Jarvik’s Four Women Talking about the Man under the Sheet makes a stellar opener for Salt Lake Acting Company’s 50th season

Justin Ivie’s consummate set design for Salt Lake Acting Company’s (SLAC) world premiere production of Elaine Jarvik’s Four Women Talking About the Man Under the Sheet highlights large banner portraits of the four historical characters and the smaller portrait of Frederick Douglass. The shrouded body of Douglass lies in repose on a bier in the … Read more

Salt Lake Acting Company latest local independent performing arts organization to mark milestone anniversary: 50th season opens this week

Longevity of independent arts organizations in Salt Lake City is an encouraging marker of the local acknowledgment of the indispensability of community cultural and arts activities, especially given the metropolitan area’s compact size. The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art is celebrating its 90th anniversary. Ballet West will mark its 60th anniversary in 2023. Ririe-Woodbury Dance … Read more

Salt Lake Acting Company announces its 49 ¾ season, including streaming, in-person productions, digital film series, world premieres

Major anniversaries always call for big celebrations. For an independent performing arts company, a golden anniversary not only demands an extravaganza but it also is a moment to highlight the triumph of resilience in demonstrating to the community that local cultural enterprises are indispensable for elevating the social conscience and inspiring others to join creative … Read more

Outstanding quartet of new short plays drive successful premiere of Plan-B Theatre’s Radio Slam; free app now available to listen to performances

Now that all four new short plays from Plan-B Theatre’s Radio Slam have premiered in KUAA (99.9 FM) broadcasts, the company is making available recordings of them free and open to the public via its new mobile app, which can be downloaded here. Each play runs approximately 10 minutes. The project was coordinated with KUAA (99.9 … Read more

Plan-B Theatre’s Radio Slam to feature four world premiere short plays in daily KUAA-FM broadcasts, May 5-8

Radio always has been a resilient medium in extraordinary times. The COVID-19 pandemic is no different. Results from a recent Nielsen Audio survey show that 83% of consumers are listening to radio more frequently and extensively. Characterizing radio as a “local lifeblood,” Brad Kelly, managing director of Nielsen Audio, says, “In this environment, it’s no … Read more

Plan-B Theatre’s An Evening with Two Awful Men packs a blockbuster wallop

Emilie, the vivacious host of Dead People Live!, the fictional television show at the center of An Evening with Two Awful Men, the latest premiere of Plan-B Theatre Company, adapts immediately to the constant curveballs tossed about in Elaine Jarvik’s boffo script. There never is just one motto (always pithy and wry) for Dead People … Read more

Live from Salt Lake City! Plan-B Theatre’s newest production An Evening with Two Awful Men promises a one-of-a-kind Presidents’ Day, Black History Month observance

An Evening with Two Awful Men, the newest Plan-B Theatre production which opens Feb. 21, promises to be quite the reality show: a mix of CNN, C-SPAN, Jerry Springer, TLC, Judge Judy, History Channel, American Idol. Written by Elaine Jarvik, a former journalist with several Plan-B productions to her credit, her latest play captures the … Read more

The devilish and good in children: Sackerson’s Shockheaded Peter, Plan-B Theatre’s River. Swamp. Cave. Mountain. are solid entertainment

Two local masters of minimalistic theater are staging plays about children this fall — though stark contrasts in treatment. One is a macabre junk opera take on old German stories about children who misbehave or refuse to follow sound advice. The other is a new play about two siblings grieving over the loss of their … Read more

Plan-B Theatre’s newest play, River. Swamp. Cave. Mountain., slated for Utah schools fall tour

Why does it have to get dark? Why can’t the day always stay? Let’s say goodbye to the night time, Goodbye. Let’s send the dark time away. Fred Rogers, Mister Rogers Neighborhood, Some Things I Don’t Understand, 1968 In a 1970 episode of his legendary public television series Mister Rogers Neighborhood, Fred Rogers reflected on … Read more

Overcoming the echo chamber emerges front and center in Plan-B Theatre’s (in)divisible

Being a conservative in the arts has also been great for me because those in the arts give me a full environment to hear other perspectives. Being close to those with different viewpoints has opened my mind and sometimes changed it (and sometimes reinforced it), but either way it’s been an expanding experience. I sometimes … Read more