Just how well informed are you?: SLAC’s Summer Show: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood takes audiences on a bristling tour of zeitgeist in Utah’s news cycle

For those planning to attend Salt Lake Acting Company’s (SLAC) Summer Show: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, it would be wise to be up on all dimensions of Utah’s contentious, quirky, even bizarre, news cycle. Written by Olivia Custodio and directed by Cynthia Fleming, augmented by excellent dramaturgical material provided by Latoya Cameron, the … Read more

SLACabaret: Down The Rabbit Hole is scintillating summer delight in Salt Lake Acting Company production

IYKYK. The writers, cast, musicians and production crew deliver fully on the premise of the title in Salt Lake Acting Company (SLAC)’s SLACabaret: Down the Rabbit Hole — pleasurable, scintillating, invigorating and chic like a brand new pair of white sneakers😉😈. Indeed, 2022 is the year that SLAC’s summer production has successfully cemented itself as … Read more

Salt Lake Acting Company latest local independent performing arts organization to mark milestone anniversary: 50th season opens this week

Longevity of independent arts organizations in Salt Lake City is an encouraging marker of the local acknowledgment of the indispensability of community cultural and arts activities, especially given the metropolitan area’s compact size. The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art is celebrating its 90th anniversary. Ballet West will mark its 60th anniversary in 2023. Ririe-Woodbury Dance … Read more

#SLACabaret, Salt Lake Acting Company’s summer debut, shows plenty of examples about leveraging comedic punch celebrating Utah’s peculiarities

Provocative comedy is an underappreciated, underutilized art form in Utah. The state’s social character and pop culture are sufficiently peculiar, offbeat and unusual to produce spot-on satires and farces. Some segments of Utah’s independent film industry (think of the HaleStorm comedies, for example) have aspired to achieve crossover appeal by highlighting weird, quirky aspects of … Read more

Salt Lake Acting Company announces its 49 ¾ season, including streaming, in-person productions, digital film series, world premieres

Major anniversaries always call for big celebrations. For an independent performing arts company, a golden anniversary not only demands an extravaganza but it also is a moment to highlight the triumph of resilience in demonstrating to the community that local cultural enterprises are indispensable for elevating the social conscience and inspiring others to join creative … Read more

Silent Dancer’s unique staging in Salt Lake Acting Company premiere resonates with good Jazz Age sensibilities

In 1931, as the Great Depression’s grip tightened, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the obituary for the flimsy age of roaring confidence and youth-driven abandon that had been “jolted” out of existence when the stock market crashed in 1929. In an essay titled Echoes of the Jazz Age, he wrote, “It was an age of miracles, … Read more