Salt Lake Acting Company’s Utah premiere of Dipika Guha’s Yoga Play is splendid for its comedy; enlightened, hard-nosed truths

Even quick research will show that many of the stretching and relaxation classes that go by the name of yoga in the U.S. barely resemble the religious yoga practices of a devout Hindu. But, there also are other implications of stripping away Hindu and Vedic elements from contemporary yoga. The Hindu remains an inscrutable foreign … Read more

Salt Lake Acting Company’s Pete the Cat is superb Utah premiere of popular off-Broadway show

Never underestimate the discriminating influence of the young reader and children’s audiences in the performing arts. Few markets in the literary publishing industry are as competitive as children’s books. The most successful stories may start with a fantastical, even wacky, premise but they also give a magical resonance to a common childhood experience. They are … Read more