Just how well informed are you?: SLAC’s Summer Show: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood takes audiences on a bristling tour of zeitgeist in Utah’s news cycle

For those planning to attend Salt Lake Acting Company’s (SLAC) Summer Show: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, it would be wise to be up on all dimensions of Utah’s contentious, quirky, even bizarre, news cycle. Written by Olivia Custodio and directed by Cynthia Fleming, augmented by excellent dramaturgical material provided by Latoya Cameron, the … Read more

Backstage at the Utah Arts Festival 2023: With six Utah artists, Circles of Influence to be featured City Library exhibition

For the 47th Utah Arts Festival, The Gallery at Library Square on the fourth floor of The City Library will feature Circles of Influence with works by six female artists (Sheryl Gillilan, Jaye Rieser, Kandace Steadman, Camille Wheatley, Virginia Catherall and Rebecca Klundt) who explore the natural world’s ubiquitous presence of circles in many forms. … Read more

Backstage at the Utah Arts Festival 2023: Top-line summary of what to find at every festival venue

As noted in the centerpiece curtain raiser, organizers of the 47th Utah Arts Festival have packed impressive numbers of participants into its multidisciplinary programs. The following summarizes the top line highlights. Follow The Utah Review in the days leading up to the June 23 opening for features about the following:  ARTISTS MARKETPLACE For example, the … Read more

Utah Arts Festival 2021: City Library exhibition of modern geoglyphs rendered in unique quilts highlights trio of skilled Utah artists

For the new exhibition in the City Library which coincides with the Utah Arts Festival, a quote from Clare Hunter’s 2019 book Threads of Life is fitting for what it conveys. “Fabric and thread can convey.a prayer, trace out a map, proclaim a manifesto send out a warning, bestow a blessing, celebrate a culture and … Read more

Salt Lake City Public Library’s all-digital Super Summer Challenge reading program set to launch June 1

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mark Alvarez, an immigration attorney who also has written for various publications on many subjects along with radio and television appearances, provides the Spanish translation of this article, as presented below the English language version of this feature. Perhaps there are no better places than libraries to experience magic—for example, in fairy tales, mythology … Read more

With two weekends of screenings, events, Utah Film Center set to present 9th Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Kids

EDITOR’S NOTE: For a detailed rundown of all of the feature- and short-length films for the 9th Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Kids, see The Utah Review feature here. The ninth presentation of the Utah Film Center’s Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Kids will be the largest ever with 28 screenings of 17 films from the U.S. … Read more

Utah Film Center’s 9th Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Kids: Full slate rundown

EDITOR’S NOTE: For the overview of the Tumbleweeds festival, see The Utah Review cover piece here. Taking advantage of the first Tumbleweeds festival to be held over two weekends, the Utah Film Center has programmed one of the most impressive slates of feature- and short-length films in the event’s nine-year history. The Utah Review also … Read more

Sundance 2020: Utah’s film industry punches well above its weight class, opening doors for indie directors, producers

EDITOR’S NOTE: Part I covers a broad overview of the state’s film industry and Part II focuses on 16 films with a significant Utah connection that are in the Sundance 2020 slate. On the eve of the most inclusive and diverse Sundance Film Festival in its history (Jan. 23 – Feb. 2 in Park City, … Read more

Utah Arts Festival 2019: The City Library’s partnership with the festival in one word: ‘Fantastic’

Rare is the sentiment that can be expressed simply and unequivocally as Peter Bromberg, the executive director of the Salt Lake City Public Library, describes the partnership which the downtown institution has enjoyed with the Utah Arts Festival. Bromberg has one word. “Fantastic.” Calling it one of the “best annual festivals in the Mountain West,” … Read more

Sundance 2019: Utah’s film industry expands avenues for film culture, creative producers, state and local tourism

EDITOR’S NOTE: Part I covers a broad overview of the state’s film industry and Part II will focus on the fiscal sponsorship initiative of the Utah Film Center as well as an overview of the films with a Utah connection that are in the Sundance 2019 slate. Read part II here. As Utah prepares to … Read more