Plan-B Theatre’s world premiere streaming production of The Audacity a pinnacle of rare excellence in Utah Enlightenment

In one of many intensely emotional passages in Plan-B Theatre’s unprecedented streamed production of Jenifer Nii’s The Audacity, actor April Fossen rises to an unforgettable moment in Utah theater history. Among the six characters she portrays in this solo work is Josie Bassett, one of Utah’s most famous pioneer ranchers. Josie, nearly 90, is walking … Read more

Plan-B Theatre to present world premiere of Jenifer Nii’s The Audacity in streamed performance

“Legend, lore, mystery, romance and even murder.” That is the opening sentence in Linda Wommack’s recently published book Growing Up with the Wild Bunch: The Story of Pioneer Legend Josie Bassett. “This rugged, tough-as-nails, small-statured lady moved to a new homestead on Cub Creek in Utah, where she would struggle to survive for the next … Read more

Plan-B Theatre’s Singing to the Brine Shrimp spectacular production that magnifies confidence in Utah’s performing arts scene

Any “confident-sized” playwright would have envied the spectacular opening of Plan-B Theatre’s premiere of Jenny Kokai’s Singing to the Brine Shrimp, directed by Jason Bowcutt. The rhythm was sharp, precise and natural in a brilliantly written comedy with a smart set of songs. It is the model marriage of aquaculture and the theatrical arts. Perhaps … Read more

Plan-B Theatre’s Singing to the Brine Shrimp will celebrate Utah as worthy place for creative inspiration through comedy, songs, sock puppets

In the upcoming comedy Plan-B Theatre premiere of Singing to the Brine Shrimp, Lorina, a rather unhelpful dramaturg, asks Allison, a playwright from Utah who is in New York City for a Meet the Playwrights event, “So what size playwright do you want to be?” Allison, 35, is unsure about what that means. So, Lorina … Read more

Fascinating, innovative, collaborative: Top Ten Moments of the Utah Enlightenment for 2019

Since The Utah Review started publishing in 2014, the emphasis on the Utah Enlightenment has dominated the coverage of what is new and original in the arts and culture landscape locally. Utah’s natural beauty always has appealed strongly as a branding asset. But, as we have covered the arts and cultural scene, there is no … Read more

Live blog and review: Circle, presented by Plan-B Theatre, KUER-FM’s RadioWest

Welcome to another edition of a dark, twisted Christmas tradition with Circle, the 14th episode of its Radio Hour series as part of Plan-B Theatre’s partnership with RadioWest, hosted by Doug Fabrizio on KUER-FM (90.1). Circle will premiere Friday, Dec. 13, at 11 a.m. during the live RadioWest Friday broadcast. This will be the sixth episode in the series’ … Read more

Another ‘dark, twisted’ Christmas: Plan-B Theatre, KUER’s RadioWest plan live broadcast premiere of Radio Hour Episode 14: Circle

NOTE: On Friday, Dec. 13, at 11 a.m., The Utah Review will live blog the only live performance of Radio Hour Episode 14: Circle, produced by Plan-B Theatre and KUER-FM’s RadioWest program. Tune into KUER-FM 90.1 and follow The Utah Review during the broadcast. “Yes, we’ve been doing Christmas lately, but it’s always ‘dark’ or ‘twisted’ … Read more

Plan-B Theatre’s Oda Might sets standard as stupendous production

In the stupendous world premiere Plan-B Theatre production of Camille Washington’s Oda Might, there are so many brilliantly executed moments of foreshadowing. Early in the play, the Patient (Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin) says she could sleep through group sessions and “daydream about the crowds on the J train.” Reminiscing about how she lost “half of her virginity” … Read more

Plan-B Theatre sets world premiere for Camille Washington’s Oda Might thriller

In Oda Might, a new play by Camille Washington, the patient, a middle-aged black woman in a psychiatric hospital, relates details of her life to her doctor, also a black woman but younger and lighter skin. The patient, a spiritual medium who believes she is the scapegoat for a murder, is candid about her life … Read more

Strong examples of arts and education integration: Plan-B Theatre’s Flora Meets a Bee, Mundi Project’s 3-D Printed 6-String Violin Experience

PLAN-B THEATRE FREE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TOUR (FEST): FLORA MEETS A BEE The sense of feeling borrowed can become alienation. In Morag Shepherd’s Flora Meets A Bee, the latest play in Plan-B Theatre’s successful Free Elementary School Tour (FEST) program, Flora, 8, is committed to making her new friendship stick. In one scene, Flora recalls seeing … Read more