A Thanksgiving meal without turkey

Is Thanksgiving still Thanksgiving without the turkey? Yes! Perhaps turkey is not your fowl of choice. Perhaps you and your family have tired of the same Thanksgiving meal centerpiece. Truthfully, it’s been a difficult year for turkey in Utah this season anyway. Many poults (baby turkeys) from Utah’s various turkey producers were either infected with … Read more

Enjoy local Utah wines this Thanksgiving

evan lewandowksi and his wines

South Salt Lake holds the distinction of being the proud home to two urban wineries. Ruth Lewandowski Wines and Kiler Grove Winegrowers each ferment, bottle and sell their wines from small tasting rooms that front larger production operations within the city’s boundaries. You’ll find wines from both wineries on wine lists at the finest restaurants … Read more

Can Utah families prepare Thanksgiving dinner for 12 people for $50?

turkey for $0.69 per pound

The Mission: Determine if 12 people can eat a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for $50. The Menu: turkey, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, rolls, stuffing, green beans, candied yams and pumpkin pies with fresh whipped cream. The Verdict: Yes, it can be done—and without coupons! After considering various Thanksgiving shopping incentives from Smith’s and Fresh … Read more