Utah Film Center’s Tumbleweeds festival marks its 5th anniversary with 16 film programs from around the world

Some of the most compelling examples of family-friendly films with engaging narratives and wholesome characters will highlight the Utah Film Center’s fifth Tumbleweeds Festival this coming weekend (Sept. 25-27). The Intermountain West’s only film festival exclusively for children, Tumbleweeds will include seven Utah and two North American premieres in its slate of 12 feature-length films and … Read more

Ballet Boys, The 78 Project Movie highlight Utah Film Center’s September documentaries

Two outstanding documentaries – an award-winning film from Norway about three teen boys who aspire to become ballet dancers and an unusual musical road trip which gives several American roots musicians the opportunity to make one-of-a-kind recordings on a 1930s direct-to-disc recorder – are part of the Utah Film Center’s September screenings which are free … Read more

Largest, most diverse slate for 12th annual Damn These Heels Salt Lake City International LGBT Film Festival

The 12th annual Damn These Heels Salt Lake City International LGBT Film Festival is larger than ever but this year’s three-day Utah Film Center event is packed with the most impressive, incisive, enlightening slate of 22 films in both documentary and fictional treatments. The festival reaches a milestone this year in terms of validation and … Read more

Teen coordinators help craft vision for TiltShift Festival, Utah’s first for teen media arts students, filmmakers

A team of nine teenagers played a large role in crafting the vision for what will be the Intermountain West’s first media arts and film festival exclusively for teens. The TiltShift Festival highlights a slate of five feature-length films selected by nine teen coordinators, along with nearly 40 short films submitted by students between the … Read more

Utah Film Center offers a different world of Christmas music in charming ‘Jingle Bell Rocks!’

Fans of Pink Floyd’s 1982 film highlighting one of its best album releases ‘The Wall’ might remember that a recording of Vera Lynn (see below) on the 1937 Christmas song ‘The Little Boy That Santa Forgot’ is featured in the opening sequence. The song is not exactly one that comes to mind during the holiday, … Read more

Two Utah Film Center documentaries about creative genius transcending technology, modernism

The Utah Film Center (UFC) will present two documentary films – one about a San Antonio inventor of digital imaging technology who sets out to painstakingly recreate a 17th century masterpiece by painter Johannes Vermeer and the other about the Sagrada Familias temple in Barcelona – that underscore just how creative genius transcends technology and … Read more

Utah Film Center’s October documentary screenings

The Utah Film Center consistently offers a first-class slate of independent films for its monthly free, public screenings and two recently released outstanding documentaries – one from the Oscar-winning director of ‘The March of the Penguins’ (‘Once Upon A Forest’) and the other about the founder of Arhoolie Records who has preserved some of the … Read more

11th annual Damn These Heels LGBT Film Festival

Desiree Akhavan

For 11 years, the Utah Film Center has consistently modified its approach to programming for the Damn These Heels Salt Lake City International LGBT Film Festival, which will be held this Friday through Sunday (July 11-13) at the Rose Wagner Center for Performing Arts in downtown Salt Lake City. In some years, the programming slate has taken on … Read more