Glamping and gourmet at Conestoga Ranch’s Campfire Grill

Garden City, UT, the gateway town to Bear Lake’s emerald blue water spanning the Idaho/Utah border is known for its world-famous raspberry shakes and…well, not much else. It’s simply the town you drive through on your way to access the lake or your accommodations, but that’s about to change. The newly opened Conestoga Ranch has … Read more

Powder Magazine’s Thread the Needle weaves additional economic benefit pre-Outdoor Retailer

The annual Winter Outdoor Retailer (OR) show kicks off Tuesday at Solitude Mountain Resort with an on-snow demo, but a mixed group of magazine writers, representatives from 14 apparel brands, and tagalongs like me, were gathering at Solitude several days in advance. The event the 50 or so of us are here for, hosted by … Read more

Thanksgiving Road Trip

Living 2,000 miles from family can be tough around the holidays: who will you argue with over proper cooking temperature of a turkey or enjoy awkward drama with? The silver lining however, is a four-day weekend road trip to southern Utah that would still include all the trimmings. Over 30 of them to be exact. … Read more

Uintas: Comfort and Wilderness

sunrise in the Uintas

I’ve always thought of our local mountains, the Wasatch Range, as an extension of Salt Lake City. A city park, if you will. Group picnics, campgrounds and seven ski resorts take up a fair amount of real estate. Not to say you can’t get lost and have a wilderness experience a few short miles from … Read more

Biking & Brats at Snowbird’s Oktoberfest

tram deck snowbird

I’ve been hearing for months of a new top-to-bottom mountain bike trail at Snowbird, dubbed “The Big Mountain Trail”. Snowbird is a big and steep mountain and any trail that switchbacks its way down the 3,000 vertical feet accessed by the tram is sure to be a gravity-fueled descent. The lure of Oktoberfest (open June – … Read more

Rainy Days in Park City? Plenty To Do!

“With the recent rain, please stay off the trails the next few days to give them a chance to dry out. Riding muddy trails ruins them, don’t be a jerk!” That was the Facebook post from one of the local ‘trail police’ groups. Yes, riding muddy trails ruins them, but I’m thinking they can’t be … Read more

Mountain Biking Utah County’s Blackhawk Loop

Blackhawk Trail Trailhead

“Do you think those are God’s tears?” One of my riding partners just ahead of me on the Blackhawk Trail is asking rhetorically. “Nah, must be Joseph Smith’s,” came the reply to group laughter. We’re only eight miles into a bike ride none of us have done, the Blackhawk Trail, in Utah County as it … Read more