Backstage at The Utah Arts Festival 2016: Winners announced for Artist Marketplace, Literary Arts competition, IAMA songwriter


f19f3bee-4f0b-405e-8cc8-f75f3bd18c22 The Utah Arts Festival has announced various awards for the 40th anniversary event. Nine awards were presented for the Artists Marketplace. All of the award winners are eligible for invitation to the Utah Arts Festival in 2017. Best of Show and People’s Choice Award winners also will have their booth fees waived.

The 41st annual Utah Arts Festival will be held June 22-25, 2017 on Library Square and Washington Square.



Sponsor Jury Award: Alex Horst, Jewelry, Prescott, Arizona

Gallery Association Award: Damien Jones, Ceramics, Berkeley, California

Board Member Award: Ken Acton, Wood, Billings, Montana

Artist Marketplace Award: Jake Asuit, Metalwork, Cleveland, Georgia


Sponsor Jury Award: Lee Hendrickson, Photography, Goodyear, Arizona

Gallery Association Award: Eli Helman, Drawings/Pastel, East Hampton, Massachusetts

Board Member Award: Chris Blackburn, 2-D Mixed Media, Salt Lake City

Artist Marketplace Award: Charlie Hastings, 3-D Mixed Media, Salt Lake City

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD: Rhett Risler, Wearable Art, Lucerne Valley, California

Additional awards from various venues were announced (Fear No Film awards are announced in a separate article):

Wasatch IronPen/UltraPen Contest, The Salt Lake Community College Writing Center, 10th anniversary

Adult Fiction:

1st: Shauvana Peterson, If You Believe
Honorable Mention: Jessica Payne, Still Life Neon

Adult Poetry:

1st: Lin Ostler, Slideback to Gather The Sun
Honorable Mention: Trish Hopkins, Temple City to Orlando

Adult Nonfiction:

1st: Pete Gomben, Niches
Honorable Mention: Lisha Yang, Things to tell my past self about SLC

Adult Ultra:

1st: Pete Gomben
Honorable Mention: Joanne Chapman

Youth Fiction:

1st: Skye Caden, Motel Monster
Honorable Mention: Beatrice Teigen, Temple City Motel

Youth Poetry:

1st: Jane Galian, a long time no longer relevant
Honorable Mention: Elsie Hopkinson, the concierge hates his job

Youth Ultra:

1st: Bess Bateman
Honorable Mention: Audrey Nyberg


Individual: Johnny Osi, Denver

Team: Albuquerque Slam, New Mexico


1st: Josh Harmon, Heber City, Utah

2nd: Eric Warner, Logan, Utah

3rd: Amber Ikeman, Missoula, Montana

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