Sundance 2024: The Battle for Laikipia emerges as outstanding seminal work on intersectionalities of climate change, colonial history, land rights reform, wildlife conservation, local politics

Astute for how well it balances the voices of Indigenous herder communities, multigenerational white family ranchers and wildlife conservations, the documentary The Battle for Laikipia, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this year, presents a definitive case of how the intersections of climate change, politics, unresolved historical issues and resource competition are putting such … Read more

Sundance 2022: All That Breathes exceptional documentary testament to human-nonhuman interaction in the midst of Delhi

Of numerous remarkable moments in the exceptional documentary film All That Breathes (Kiterabbit Films and Rise Films production), India’s sole entry in this year’s Sundance, among the most unforgettable are those portraying the psychological and philosophical attitudes of brothers Nadeem and Saud, who have put their heads down in total focus for nearly the last … Read more