Two exhibitions at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art highlight creative entrepreneurship in its broadest scope, composing Latina art in vast, compelling spaces

EDITOR’S NOTE: This feature also is published in Spanish here. Translation is courtesy of Mark Alvarez, a local immigration attorney. Two ongoing exhibitions at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art highlight the expanding perceptions of gallery presentations and visibility in visual arts: Beyond the Margins: An Exploration of Latina Art and Identity and Thomas Campbell: … Read more

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo: Más allá de las márgenes: Una exploración del arte latino y la identidad y Thomas Campbell: Creando algo para expresar algo, Compartir algo, Para que otros puedan sentir o querer crear algo, Esperanzadamente

Nota del Editor: Este artículo se presenta en español y inglés, gracias a Mark Alvarez. The Utah Review, aprecia su esfuerzo y su capacidad de ayudar en la preparación de las dos versiones. (English version is available here) Dos exposiciones en el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo resaltan la expansión de percepciones de la galería en sus … Read more

A new twist to annual list of crowning achievements: The Utah Review’s Top 10 Moments of the Utah Enlightenment in 2022

This year’s selection in The Utah Review of the top ten moments of the Utah Enlightenment in 2022 was easily the quickest to lock in, considering the possibilities. There were no close calls. The ten selections were a slam dunk. This year, however, presented the opportunity for a twist. While nine of the ten selections … Read more

Four Utah Museum of Contemporary Art exhibitions cover range of expressions on cultural identities, community, isolation, racism, social practices

Four current exhibitions at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art comprise a broad segment of expressions about cultural identities, community, isolation, racism and social practices. Each of these are discussed below. The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) also received two grants totaling $140,000 from The Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts and VIA Art … Read more

From Missouri to Utah: Alisa McCusker joins the Utah Museum of Fine Arts as senior curator

Among the museum curator’s most valuable skills is to demystify and make accessible to exhibition visitors the opportunity to interpret the stories behind the creation of great works of art, whether they were made 500 years ago or even within the past several months. For her doctoral dissertation at the University of Texas at Austin, … Read more

Interstitial spaces highlight three summer exhibitions at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art; Rose Exposed! celebrates downtown arts hub’s 25th anniversary

UTAH MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART: JOHN SPROUL, BERNARD MEYERS, TOBIAS FIKE Three Intermountain West artists are among the latest to have exhibitions to round out the summer season at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA). The connecting thread for this trio involves asking viewers to consider abstractions that reveal multiple layers going beyond typical … Read more

Air is fascinating, informative multidisciplinary exhibition at Utah Museum of Fine Arts, featuring internationally known and Utah-based artists

EDITOR’S NOTE: This feature is presented in Spanish and English versions, both primarily made possible by Mark Alvarez. The Utah Review deeply appreciates his willingness and linguistic fluency to prepare proper versions in  both languages. For the Spanish version of this feature, see here. Stepping into the AIRLab, Santa Fe artist Will Wilson’s creation, one is … Read more

Aire es una exposición multidisciplinaria en el Museo de Bellas Artes de la Universidad de Utah; Es fascinante e informativa; Cuenta con artistas locales y los de renombre internacional

Entrado el AIRLab, una obra del artista Will Wilson de Santa Fe, se aprecia de manera inmediata el rico volumen de información evidente en esta choza única, un invernadero de hierro con muebles y libros que se podrían encontrar en la sala o la biblioteca de una casa. También se notan las plantas comestibles y … Read more

Exhibitions about identity, body positivity, best of Utah design arts, a tribute to a beloved grandmother, artistic reflection on human mortality and realism highlight summer shows at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

The newest main gallery exhibition at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) enlightens, elucidates and calls for an empathetic understanding of individual artists who give their identity an artistic voice decoupled from stereotypes, perceptions, mirrored images and mass media portrayals. The exhibition, i know you are, but what am i? (De)Framing Identity and the … Read more

Backstage at the Utah Arts Festival 2022: The City Library, The Leonardo return as venues to accommodate expanding programs

This year’s Utah Arts Festival brings back two venues, which have been central in organizers’ efforts to expand events in various programs: The City Library and The Leonardo museum. It is an exceptional partnership for either a public library or a museum (which honors the multidisciplinary talents of the famous artist da Vinci) or a … Read more