Lots of new energy: The top 10 moments of The Utah Enlightenment in 2021

INTRODUCTION It has been an enormous project to regain the spirited momentum that many arts and cultural organizations in Utah’s creative industries had amassed before the pandemic brought everything to a ground stop in the early spring of 2020. With resilience and durability exercised to their intrinsic advantages for respective organizations, many creative producers also … Read more

Exceptional multidimensional perspectives at Vida, muerte, justicia exhibition at Ogden Contemporary Arts

In the mixed media painting Consuela – dee Flying Yoke, Mexican-born artist Amelec Diaz offers a brilliant statement on the stubbornness of efforts to prevent any attempts to introduce, enrich and expand different cultural heritages in education and in the community. In the background of the painting, Diaz, who recently completed an artist residency at … Read more