Lots of new energy: The top 10 moments of The Utah Enlightenment in 2021

INTRODUCTION It has been an enormous project to regain the spirited momentum that many arts and cultural organizations in Utah’s creative industries had amassed before the pandemic brought everything to a ground stop in the early spring of 2020. With resilience and durability exercised to their intrinsic advantages for respective organizations, many creative producers also … Read more

Utah Arts Festival 2021: Local hip hop artists Zac Ivie and Ocelot along with Dumb Luck set for Park Stage

The performing stages at this year’s Utah Arts Festival features an impressive range of styles, aesthetics, approaches and genres from local musicians. Among the artists representing hip hop this year are Zac Ivie and Dumb Luck. Zac Ivie and Ocelot (Aug. 27, 10:15 p.m., Park Stage) Just days before the pandemic erased every performing artst’s … Read more