Exhibitions about identity, body positivity, best of Utah design arts, a tribute to a beloved grandmother, artistic reflection on human mortality and realism highlight summer shows at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

The newest main gallery exhibition at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) enlightens, elucidates and calls for an empathetic understanding of individual artists who give their identity an artistic voice decoupled from stereotypes, perceptions, mirrored images and mass media portrayals. The exhibition, i know you are, but what am i? (De)Framing Identity and the … Read more

Mitsu Salmon’s Somatic Tracing outstanding performance art exhibition at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA)’s Artist-in-Residence program (A-I-R) has recently produced a fascinating string of exhibitions by artists who are pushing out of the conventional boundaries of discipline, medium and display forms. Mitsu Salmon is continuing this emerging trend as the program’s first performance artist with Somatic Tracing, which will continue through June … Read more

Five Utah Museum of Contemporary Art exhibitions include shows about sociopolitical culture, coping with grief, queer community in Salt Lake City, short film about Indigenous culture, an artist’s spiritual reconciliation in relationship with father

Five exhibitions round out the early spring slate at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA), including a major exhibition about contemporary political engagement, an exceptional show that translates the literary memoir genre into a visual art synthesis by an artist from the Carolinas, a celebration of queer voices in Salt Lake City, a regionally … Read more

Lots of new energy: The top 10 moments of The Utah Enlightenment in 2021

INTRODUCTION It has been an enormous project to regain the spirited momentum that many arts and cultural organizations in Utah’s creative industries had amassed before the pandemic brought everything to a ground stop in the early spring of 2020. With resilience and durability exercised to their intrinsic advantages for respective organizations, many creative producers also … Read more

Still time to catch several impressive exhibitions at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art before year’s end

While downtown Salt Lake City is the hub of many holiday activities and the season’s hospitality and retail commerce, one ideal respite for some quiet enjoyment and contemplation is the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, where several outstanding exhibitions still are available for viewing through the end of the calendar year. Among them is Her … Read more

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art continues 90th anniversary celebrations with exhibitions including murals by local street, graffiti artists; Yoriko Mizushiri animation; works inspired by Mormon culinary traditions, pandemic

The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art’s 90th anniversary year has been a splendid affair so far and exhibitions that are continuing through the early fall merit a thorough visit by patrons. This includes the seven impressive large-scale murals that signify the outstanding reputation for local public art in the street and graffiti forms. Likewise, two … Read more

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art’s newest exhibitions include Jorge Rojas’ Corn Mandala: Flower of Life, Annelise Duque’s Remember Them Alive, Yujin Kang’s Mountainous

Three new exhibitions at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) are striking examples of self-referential autonomy in the visual arts, as presented by Utah artists Annelise Duque, Yujin Kang and Jorge Rojas. These exhibitions are open through July 31. For more information see the UMOCA website. Jorge Rojas: Corn Mandala: Flower of Life In … Read more

UMOCA’s spring exhibitions include Baggage: Alex Caldiero in Retrospect, Material Issues: Strategies in 21st Century Craft, This Storm Is What We Call Progress

With the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) now open to the public in its most expansive offerings in more than a year, the following exhibitions are a must-see during a visit. For more information about hours and the museum, see The Utah Review’s centerpiece article. Baggage: Alex Caldiero In Retrospect Among the Utah Enlightenment’s … Read more

Utah Museum of Contemporary Arts opens Growing Rocks exhibition, featuring stunning intersecting expressions of ceramic science, art by Brad Evan Taylor; annual gala announced

In the realm of materials science, researchers, engineers and specialists strive for perfection in the materials they study. If there are defects or failures, especially as they test and stress the materials to assess their strength and durability, those instances often lead to unexpected discoveries, sometimes in the most creative and technical ways possible. Artists … Read more

Utah arts organizations make transition to online, interactive, live stream platforms, during coronavirus pandemic

Several major arts organizations in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area have adapted their programming and classes to streaming and interactive platforms. Initial responses and numbers of participants also have been encouraging, indicating that arts and culture are just as essential (if not more so), even as regular routines have been upended by the coronavirus … Read more