Changyong Shin, 2018 Bachauer gold medalist, set for March 10 concert featuring music by Mozart, Schubert, Granados, Rachmaninoff, Liszt

A solo program featuring some of piano literature’s most famous fantasies is on deck this week as the Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation, presents Changyong Shin in concert. Shin, who won the Bachauer competition gold medal in 2018, will play music by Mozart, Schubert, Granados and Liszt on March 10 at 7:30 p.m. at the … Read more

Two exhibitions at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art highlight creative entrepreneurship in its broadest scope, composing Latina art in vast, compelling spaces

EDITOR’S NOTE: This feature also is published in Spanish here. Translation is courtesy of Mark Alvarez, a local immigration attorney. Two ongoing exhibitions at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art highlight the expanding perceptions of gallery presentations and visibility in visual arts: Beyond the Margins: An Exploration of Latina Art and Identity and Thomas Campbell: … Read more

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo: Más allá de las márgenes: Una exploración del arte latino y la identidad y Thomas Campbell: Creando algo para expresar algo, Compartir algo, Para que otros puedan sentir o querer crear algo, Esperanzadamente

Nota del Editor: Este artículo se presenta en español y inglés, gracias a Mark Alvarez. The Utah Review, aprecia su esfuerzo y su capacidad de ayudar en la preparación de las dos versiones. (English version is available here) Dos exposiciones en el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo resaltan la expansión de percepciones de la galería en sus … Read more

Two outstanding premieres: Salt Lake Acting Company’s Hairy and Sherri, Pygmalion Theatre Company’s Mountain Meadows

SALT LAKE ACTING COMPANY: HAIRY AND SHERRI Watching Hairy and Sherri, Adrienne Dawes’ new play which is receiving outstanding acting performances in a premiere production by the Salt Lake Acting Company (SLAC), requires the audience member to focus on the characters’ nuanced body language and nonverbal actions. Those subtleties propel the significant epiphanies of Dawes’ … Read more

When suppressed truth becomes its own lie: Debora Threedy’s Mountain Meadows set for Pygmalion Theatre Company premiere

In a scene in the middle of Mountain Meadows, a new play by Debora Threedy, Nita tells a Mormon elder, “We can’t put Mountain Meadows behind us if we won’t even admit it happened.” He replies that no one has denied its occurrence and that not talking about it might be the “best thing for … Read more

Repertory Dance Theatre’s Regalia returns to in-person event, where audience carries voting power to select choroegrapher for new dance commission

For the first time in three years, Repertory Dance Theatre (RDT) is holding Regalia, its largest annual fundraiser, in person. As usual, the stakes are significant. Four choreographers are assigned a group of dancers to create a short work (usually five but less than 10 minutes in length) in just four hours. The kicker is … Read more

Sundance 2023: Curious questions raised in the futuristic The Pod Generation are never fully settled but the film has plenty of heart to absorb the viewer’s attention

EDITOR’S NOTE:Thomas Dugrospez wrote the interview, with additional details by Les Roka Already an award winner coming into Sundance, this year, The Pod Generation is one of those rare movies where every answer the viewer might be given to a question motivates them to pose yet one more question and later even more questions. Written … Read more

Sundance 2023: A look at some of the festival’s elite class of short films and Animation Short Film Program

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sundance’s elite short film slate is highlighted. Les Roka’s reviews five short films from various offerings while Thomas Dugrosprez reviews this year’s Animation Short Program. The following five films from this year’s Sundance Short Film program stand out for their distinction and impact, as part of The Utah Review’s coverage of the 2023 … Read more

Sundance 2023: From the Iranian diaspora, a trio of outstanding films by women directors: The Persian Version, Shayda, Joonam

EDITOR’S NOTE: Reviews of The Persian Version and Joonam were written by Les Roka and Shayda was penned by Thomas Dugrosprez.  Three films by directors representing the Iranian diaspora premiered at Sundance and while each approached their subjects in different ways, the collective set offers a rich, comprehensive portrait of Iranian women as strong-willed independent … Read more

Sundance 2023: Food and Country’s bounty of information takes viewers on a cross-country exploration of new approaches for chefs, farmers

At one point in Food and Country, a documentary that truly puts agricultural economics and the impact on our nation’s food production system into a clear perspective, journalist and food writer Ruth Reichl sums up the precarious situation precisely. She mentions that it feels like a “terrible failure” because the problems were already being talked … Read more